How’s it going everyone?

Mixture of hot temperature/jetlag/kids getting up early saw me heading off to work at 6am and I’ve already been at my desk for 30 mins. First day back in the office for three weeks after some intensive work travel and a bit of leave. Bit of a weird feeling given I’m planning to hand my notice in next Monday.

So how is everyone else doing? What have you got planned for today? What would you rather be doing? We can do this!

I would rather be in bed. Only one more train and a bike ride to go till I’m in work.

People on the train who half arsedly fold up their fold up bikes can do one.

Hey everyone!

My date went pretty pretty good last night but no dog present. Hard to tell if she wants to go out again or not, I guess I’ll find out soon enough.

Think I have another 1st date tonight, need to confirm.

Got a meeting at work today that everyone makes a big deal about, but it should be straightforward.

Have a lovely day everyone!


hi jont and etc

is that what it’s ca



Got to fly to bloody Dusseldorf on Wednesday apparently - could have done with a chilled week at home tbh.

Mostly still screaming into the void about the impending loss of my main hobby, tbqfhumble.

Going to work to clear my desk before a hearing tomorrow/Wednesday, then going in the pub for a group penoid ranting session.

:frowning: What’s the crack with netrunner?

No more cards, no more organised play from September. The “mechanics license” from Wizards of the Coast hasn’t been renewed, so FFG are giving it “whelp, nothing we can do, we tried”.

Except I’ve been looking into this licence because that’s an extremely me thing to do, obviously, and the tl;dr is that they appear to have sought permission for something they didn’t need permission to do anyway, and now the agreement has expired they’re saying “we no longer have permission to do this”.

Bit irked.

Oooft, that sucks - seems like a shitty way to treat the community

Why don’t you quit your job and use your lawyering skills to take over netrunner?


Turns out new Northern Rail timetable means the TV will get home from work 40 mins later every day :frowning_face:

Welcome to Polaris world

At the risk of irking you further but not intentionally trying to, is there another card game you’re into that’s on the same scale or are you going to have to pull your trousers up and move on? I’m really quite upset for you eps I won’t lie.


Absolutely nothing to report today other than I had to duck into a coffee shop on the way to work this morning because I needed the toilet so badly, like meo, epimer level badly. Had to buy a really rubbish coffee afterwards to feel less guilty about using their lav.


We all are!


Morning all,

I woke up early, yet in a suspiciously good mood for a Monday morning. Maybe it’s because I was only drinking water and not booze last night.

Made a start on a new tune last night which listening back this morning is making me very happy (even if it is just four chords and a sample of the sea so far). I only get to work on music when the other half is out - apparently sitting in another room at a computer with headphones on is antisocial?!? - but she was out last night and she’s also out tonight, tomorrow and Thursday so I should make pretty good progress this week.


I’m at another campus for a day of CPD and meetings. I do get free lunch and will report back in the appropriate thread afterwards.

Cuz for breakfast. Don’t give a single fuck



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