I’ve got to leave for my pro bono clinic (which is VERY important to me) soon and I can’t stop farting.

How are you?

morning epimer, tuna

as a man called U2 once said, “it is a beautiful day”

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Good morning Epimer. Less farty than you today, I imagine, but with a healthy dose of the cbas.

oh hello cowcow, how very spooky of you.

My week on the milk club. Don’t even drink it anymore (lactose intolerant, makes me farty)

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Got the lads pre-school graduation today which should be fun. Work is starting to wind down on my notice period so going to mix up wfh with some games of fortnite

Bit run down today, boo hoo.

Gonna try and get loads of actual work done, thought it might make a change. Not too much though, can’t have them think this is the new norm.

I’ve known these were a thing for a while now but I don’t find them any less bizarre.

Shay does it actually involve?

Hi eps, I’m ok now but was chucking my guts up last night after eating some very dodgy blue cheese dip :nauseated_face:

Had a sexy dream about a DiSer last night :grimacing:





Ive no idea (son has been sworn to secrecy about it). Will update later on

Listening to some albums from Bandcamp Daily’s ambient recs for June and I can’t distinguish between which birds are on the recording and which birds are outside


Morning Epimer and other morning thread contributors,

I haven’t done my homework for my anxiety management group, so predictably I am feeling anxious about that. Though it was a task to break down a situation you were anxious about using some CBT stuff, so I guess I could do it quickly about being anxious about having not done my homework in good time :confused:

I think it might be too hot today. Might fill up the paddling pool for R later when the garden is in the shade.

I like it when that happens, and with plane noises too on noisier stuff.

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I’ve succumbed and got my legs out for the first time this summer, sorry oxford.

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I have though tried to compile a mental list of songs with traffic noises in to make sure I never listen to them while driving :smiley:


One of us!




In my recent experience ‘pre-school graduation’ mainly involves trying to persuade your child to have their picture taken while they scream the fucking place down and you eventually give up and drag them home to be placated with chocolate. Hope this helps…

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