Got two insect bites on my calf that look like a face :grin:

Sorry this is quite gross :joy:


I’m picturing this with the additional hilarious detail that toddlers have mortar boards and robes


I woke up at 2am with a super sore throat
Then at 3am a fox was taking apart some bins really loudly
Then from 5am cars were driving over the rubbish
Then I got back to sleep at 6am…to wake up at 6:30.


(I’m staying home this morning)

Well work has started out with all the things going wrong. Do not want to do today.

off to pick up my glasses in a bit!


Don’t understand how pro bono patent shit works. If people have enough time to dick around inventing stuff, they should pay for it, innit?

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For maybe the…4th time in a row I’ve taken a day off someone in my family is ill. Literally couldn’t make it up. This time it’s the wife. It’s harsh to be annoyed at someone for being ill but seriously, stop going to kid’s parties when I have a day off coming up!!!

I’m no Van Helsing but this looks like a vampire bite to me

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What a beautiful day. Shame I’m stuck in work for it. I’m a bit hay fever-y too. And I got a crap night’s sleep. And the other member of my team has decided that they’re not going to work in the office today when it’s really busy here.

So, er, not quite as beautiful as it could be.

Morning! Need to get a load of writing done today.

I work at a Uni so get loads of spam emails trying to get you to go to dodgy conferences. Got one this morning for the International Conference on Newfangled Methods in Physics :joy:

that’s pretty meta

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Morning all!

Wor Lass got home full of hell at 11.00 so not the greatest sleep in history.

I’ve been up with The Child since 6.30. Would quite like to nip into town to try football boots on this morning.

Hi team.

Went to a Dino Park at the weekend, saw some dinos. was very good.

Today my computer won’t connect to the network. So… Nothing to do.

58% battery.


Morning all,

Got home from a festival quite late last night. I am tired and a little bit broken. I really should be catching up on work stuff, but instead I’m staring blankly at my computer screen.

I’d forgotten until this morning that I’d volunteered to be a helper at Rainbows tonight. Shit. I can’t get out of it either - the Rainbow leader has been very vocal in congratulating me this morning on being the first man to ever volunteer.

ewww - blue cheese flavoured vom sounds like it would be particularly unpleasant vom

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“… and he’s also the reason we won’t be encouraging any men back in future.”

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This is a very likely outcome. I look terrible, and I probably smell worse.

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I won’t lie gt, it was very grim.

The worst vom I had was from drinking too much chilli vodka :face_vomiting:
The burn!!


This is the Girl Guiding equivalent of doing the ironing really badly so nobody ever asks you again.


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