I’m going to France today!



ooo - that’s gonnna hurt, but think I would still chose that over blue cheese vom

Morning gang - it’s too warm and lovely to be at work

Going to the (Brighton) Ivy tonight with work as my boss is over from the states. Apparently the toilets are lovely!

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thanks kw!

I had a date on Friday with someone who has met / worked with the actual Kermit the Frog!


Good luck m9

Let us know what it’s like. Thinking of going there with the other half for my birthday in a few weeks.

But actually there’s loads of new places sprung up in the last year to try. Maybe we should just start ponying up for more babysitters.

Got walk it talk it by migos stuck in my head and keep shouting “skkkkrrttttt” at my desk like I’ve got some mad trap house tourettes

I tell them who to pay money to, basically.

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I feel powerful because I made leeway on loadsa uni work so I’ll still have an hour to work on some music before lunch

Still. Help.

Just jetted off to spend my day at this top, exclusive European resort


“well my advice is you should really be paying money to someone like me. here’s my card.”




Made the mistake of walking up to Northfield with my new trainers on and only little trainer socks (got my shorts on, you see). I’ve now got blisters on the back of both ankles.

Gonna run the hoover around, have my lunch then have a couple of hours in the park lying in the sun before the football.

i have come to the discovery that a German Fußball team has their own version of Three Lions and it has done me for the day

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We’re not allowed to refer stuff to ourselves, or anyone else for that matter. Something about “ethics”? Dunno, never heard of it either.

Do they still do the hazard perception part where people throw themselves into the road and you have to click the mouse button?

ffs :grinning:

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Morning all

Cracking lazy weekend doing half-arsed DIY, boozing and having most of my meals off the barbeque.

Deffo a bit backed up today if I’m honest, but it’s a small price to pay.

Take your shirt off and go for it.