Don’t know if it’s because of the clocks going back but I feel deeply unready for work in a way that feels different to usual. Want to just hide in a cave or something.

Fuck it’s cold out. Overslept and cold. Good start to Monday

I thought the clocks going back would make it easier to get up this morning as instead of being 6:15 it was really 7:15 but nah, still shite

:rotating_light: big coat has been deployed :rotating_light:


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Thought about letting the painter in (not a euphemism) then going in to the office, but… nah. Wfh day.

Gonna try and get a doctors appointment at 8am. Bet I’m unsuccessful.

Things I need to do this week:
Buy some bolt cutters
list ends

Really wanted to WFH as I’ve not waste sky hair in so long since my back/shoulder has been playing up again. I also thought I was late so I ran to nursery in cheap Primark clothes that are probably made out of plastic or something so I’m going to smell and look delightful once I get to the office.

Managed to trick the baby in to waking up at her normal time despite the clocks going back.

On holiday for the week from today, my first time off work in five months and definitely needed. Work phone is off to avoid my bosses massively demanding ‘always on’ behaviour and going to Centre Parcs. Pretty good mood today tbf.


Pretty drastic solution to your back problems m8, I’d wait and see what the doctor says first.


Man it is cold. Also, what dickhead left the dining room window open? Me. This dickhead. Like a dickhead.

I went to the Big Feed on Sat and it was awesome. One of the vendors told me Platform is better so I’m going to go there this coming weekend. One of my old mates runs Apecini at Big Feed and it was incredible.

And one of my best mates became a dad. Strong weekend.


Had the worst nights sleep ever. Probably had deep sleep for about 45 mins all in all. Kept half-dreaming about good and bad bowls and having to get them in the correct order.

Woke up to this reminder on my phone which I have no recollection of. Either it’s a weird autocorrect or I was having a pretty bad dream about stoves.



Lost my leather glove the other day, then found it again today.

A shame really, I was looking forward to buying some new gloves but I don’t really have an excuse anymore.

Steves sometimes gets autocorrected to stoves, be careful.

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could be stoats?




Windscreen was made of ice this morning.
Key system at work is still broken and the person who is able to fix it had their last day on Friday.
It’s gonna be a great week!