also, the winter gods are punishing me for all of my shit eating good weather posts this summer




Don’t waste your time, I can tell your from past experience that she is VERY resistant to being in a foreign country at the same time as another DiSer.


Thailand is going to be 31oC :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

wanna trade, then?

Temperatures, yeah


really could have done with a WFH today after a shit weekend but I need to be in the office for a meeting thing

cycled in - 1st ride in longs of the winter, pretty damn chilly

might get my arse in gear to do a yoga this evening. I’ve been out of the game too long

I’ll be there end of Feb/early March!

I’ll hit you up for some tips!

I went last night to a Yin class and it was basically laying around under a blanket for an hour. It was well nice.


I can do that at home well enough :grin:



Which one? Worthing have a tonne of good beer spots

Had such a lovely relaxing weekend in the countryside. Made new friends, caught up with old ones, went to an amazing wedding. Ate VERY well.

Theatre and dinner with a friend tonight, going to Italy on Thursday. How long can this good mood wave last? I’ll give it until lunch.

Get some good lunch and keep it going. Might start a lunch thread.

Just opened last Friday

Actually - the website doesn’t look like it’s been updated in a while - look them up on twitter or fb instead

Probably better than taking an iron to yer bonce though, tbf.


Had a shave with my fancy new subscription shaving razor this morning and now I can’t stop touching my face.



The Georgi Finn
The Grizzly Bear
The Green Man
The Brooksteed Alehouse
The Selden Arms
Beer no evil

Not a bad list

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so much podcast advertising almost had me signing up for one of those

i have a beard, so little need for a razor. let alone a whole subscription of razors.

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