Yeah that was my main influence too. I’m also a sucker for things with my initials printed on.


Morning all,

Haven’t posted in a while - having had a fairly bleak few weeks; culminating in Mrs W having an unplanned operation last week. Still, she’s very much on the mend, and I’m able to go to David Byrne this evening, so things are on the up.

Now if someone could just tell me how you explain the change in clocks to two dogs who’ve had me up at 5:30am the last two days, that would be much appreciated.

It’s Grouper day :sob::snowflake::sunny:


Cheers Kerms.

Good luck with the email x

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I want to pop out to Waitrose to stock up on Cholula but It’s gonna be well cold and I have no coat or hat or anything

Another vote for Davidoff Cool Grouper

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Think I’ve had about two hours’ sleep max.

Child vommed all over his bed last night, so after we changed the sheets over, I had to go in with him and cuddle him and look after him. Finally managed to get him over to sleep about 3, but I couldn’t really sleep as every time he coughed, I thought he was going to vom again. He’s absolutely fine today, and I think he just puked because he had been coughing hard in bed.
Anyway, bit of a stressful start to the day as I had to make sure he really was ok and keeping down food and drink before I could take him to my mum’s, so I was running a wee bit late for work. THen all of the trains went off because of a signal failure, so I had to get a very slow bus, which then got held up in a tailback because of an accident.

Please, may my week start to improve pretty soon! Still, no harm done, and I got myself a nice bacon roll from a café near to where the bus dropped me off. Might go home quite soon, as I don’t really feel very awake.
Weather up here is magnificent- blue skies and sunny and crisp.

Getting chips and curry for lunch.


Cor, that would go down a treat right now.


only stalled the car five (5) times during my first lesson. who knew the car goes forward a little bit in first if you release the clutch a little, huh? not me.

Yeah, want to go home.

Turned into quite a tough day.

One of my team found out her Mum was rushed to hospital today with a suspected stroke or brain aneurysm. Hard enough in itself, but her mum’s 000s of miles away in the US meaning she doesn’t know whether to stay or go and if she does go then how long for.

Felt utterly hopeless and out of my depth as a boss, I haven’t a clue what she must be going through right now. Really difficult to see her so upset and helpless.

Sounds selfish to say, given the circumstances, but I hope I managed to help a little by removing any worries she might have been having about expecting her to be at work or concerns about flying home.

Testing day.

Really puts work into perspective.

Ah that’s rough, I hope she’s able to get home and be with her mum. I don’t think there’s anything much you could do to make things better but by being considerate and flexible you’ve avoided making things worse.


If it’s any consolation you sound like a top boss to have in this situation

In other words Le Tourni top bossing


Got to the doctors way too early to discover they are also running 20 minutes late


In the great scheme of things, not a huge gripe, but: I really picked a bad day to forget my noise-cancelling earphones. Think it must be National Loud Bro Chat day combined with National Leave Your Phone Notifications On Loud day.

Thanks niks, and @kermitwormit and @colon_closed_bracket - appreciate the reassurance :+1:

Just went with what support I would hope to receive in her position.

Going to find a tap room and beer on the way home for an hour.


Sounds like you’ve done all you could. Horrible situation

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Its got mega cold in the last hour. My pal is up on work so probably do Paesano and Drygate.