Morning all. How are you?

fucking tired @colon_closed_bracket, real tired. (5 days of work until my holiday though :smiley: )

Work is going badly already. Gonna be a stressful day/week.

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Working from home, had to start early cos I need to log off at 4 to get my train home. Peanut butter (no cheese) toast for breakfast though.

Did Sunday drinking, never do this and I am remembering why.

All the Edinburgh Christmas stuff is now open, so I think I’m going to be mentally checked out for the next five weeks. Not had a decent amount of time off since June.

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Today is my Sunday


Morning ccb. Went to a noodle making class this morning then got fitted for two dresses with turned out waaay more expensive than I’d anticipated but if they’re nice it’ll be worth it. Got a cooking class in half an hour then got an interview this evening :grimacing:

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I’ve been having some really weird (but not really negative) vivid dreams recently. I do eat a lot of cheese though :man_shrugging:


Morning all. Mighty tired this morning. Had a mega-struggle on the phone with eBay last night about an issue that’s gone on for weeks and mentally exhausted me past the point of sleep. Should be a helpfully dull day at work though. Might do a big shop after.

Yes! More dream chat in the morning threads please.

Gfs at work and I’m scared of her housemates so just hiding in her room, not had a shower or breakfast or anything. Can’t see a way out of this situation :disappointed_relieved:

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Heading into the office to revise

only 3 days work days til my holiday though, in your face @mattwastaken

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One of them just farted really loudly and then apologised to his cat


Had a really shitty night. The same problem with mucus and cold related stuff reoccurred last night. Wheezy cough, gagging and laboured breathing. Got about an hour’s sleep in all. So very tired now.

Bit fucked off this morning m6s. Woke up to an email from my boss saying she’s recruited for the role I’m currently seconded in to which I was half expecting to happen but was worded in a way that makes it sound like when I go back to my old role (reporting in to the new appointee) I’m going to be expected to carry on doing what I’m doing now but for free. Also feel a bit lead on as feedback has been really positive so far, asking me why I didn’t apply for the role on a permanent basis (uhhh you told me not to) etc. Think new year will be job hunting time.

First world problems eh?


did you haggle?

Tried and failed in one shop

Where you going hun? how long for?

ha that’s how I think Id be… and thats whyI will not buy anything ever. :laughing:

How the fuck is it Monday again already?

Too much shit to do at work, not enough time/people to do it, and getting it in the neck from a 50/50 weekend. ARGH. (Saturday AMAZING, sun shines out my arse. Sunday AWFUL, I’m the worst person ever)

And, naturally, what happens when you all have no free time and need to concentrate all your resources on the job in hand… Managers’ conference and a visit from the boss, just to tie one of us up for the entire fucking afternoon.

Might hit the single malt by noon

good morning