Slept terribly. That being said from getting out of bed to leaving the flat took 9 mins, think that’s a record. :+1:

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Away at a hen all weekend. Feel fine, this bitch has still got it.
My son wasn’t too well yesterday afternoon though and I’ve been up every hour through the night looking after him, poor wee mite. Going for an Italian breakfast in a minute.

what does an italian breakfast consist of?

just euphemism for a coffee?




and a cig…

He did ask.

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Can’t keep my eyes open help

Just took a quick sightseeing trip to @still_here and @anon82218317’s friterie


Café Fame, cannoli and espresso!

I recently nearly didn’t go to a job interview because I wasn’t sure I wanted the job and didn’t think the salary would be high enough. I went, got offered the job and negotiated a good salary and now I’m really, really excited about starting it! So go, if nothing else it’s good practice.


It’s so annoying isn’t it? Whenever I go without make up at work people always tell me I look tired!

really sleepy today for some reason - just can’t get going

my new dehumidifier is nice though - runs really quiet and has a digital humidity gauge/ target humidity thing which is a bit fancy compared to my old one which just had a dial and no display

Awh. Look up to the top floor and right in the corner of the square and that’s our flat.

How were the frites?



One of the few photos of me I like :smiley:

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:woozy_face: Accidentally wrote CBA instead of CBE just now when emailing somebody quite important, I feel like this sums up my day perfectly.


I would absolutely love to have CBA after my name


@moderators you can make this happen

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What David Lynch film should me and my gf watch tonight

  • Eraserhead
  • FWWM (she’s not seen Twin Peaks)
  • Lost highway
  • Mullholand drive

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Surely watching Fwmm before season 1 is not on.

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