Asked a barman yesterday what music had just been playing and he said it was Raekwon and then wrote Raekwon’s name on a beer mat for me and then was like ‘this track that’s currently playing is by Bob Dylan’


just channel this guy


minus the assassinating people

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just got into the office and realised I’ve left my laptop at home.

fuck sake.

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Morning all,

I had apocalypse nightmares with a dose of the mundane last night - In my dreams the temperature was much warmer than it should have been, and the sky was red, but people still had to work, although I couldn’t commute because petrol was so scarce :man_shrugging:

Just realised that it’s less than three weeks until I go on holiday for a month (and I haven’t even thought about meeting my family for a pre-Christmas thing before then)

Oh, @japes - are you opening Secret Santa sign up today? Seem to remember you mentioning that last week :crossed_fingers:

Shit day yesterday. Bit of a shit weekend. I’m quite miserable and I’ve run out of coffee.

Ugh you have my sympathy.

GF gave me instructions for dinner earlier but I’ve forgotten them. Have been delving into the depths of my memory to retrieve them but am being distracted by the sex dream I had yesterday morning featuring my two favourite comedians.

Work should be fine today. Looking forward to playing more ‘Fallout 4’ later and making that dinner for my GF while she plans an exhibition.

“To you!”
“To me!”




Just got a text from my Mum that begins ‘G can you ring me when…’

This is a bit late in life to be going ghetto, Mother dear.


Is it big bucks to do the transcendental meditation stuff?
I thought it was only for celebs/rich people


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DiSmas > Christmas.

So excited :star_struck:


I have a little bit of a cold coming on. So I’m having a WFH day. But with no warning from the landlords, there are buildings doing some noisy work in the hallways. They drilled holes through the actual fucking wall above the rear fire escape door, and have now put up metal things on the ceilings and attached copper coloured piping going along the ceiling and out of the holes. There are three pipes going one way, three going the other way. One for each flat. WTF could it be fore? I’ll have to go out to avoid the noise, I think, and will have to ask the builders on the way out.

Yeah, that’s why we are going through! That’s excellent to hear two ringing endorsements.


Wife is doing it - couple of hundred quid, I think? And then I get it at a discount as she has done it.

Might be expensive but considering the alternative, which isn’t something I want to get into publically, it might be a big help.

Was going to start a thread about this but cba

I have an interview for a job on Wednesday. I almost certainly don’t want the job as it is less money than what I am on and not a huge amount of career progression seems likely. I also might be over qualified for it. But I haven’t had an interview in over a year and it might be good practice. So:

  • Go - it will be good practice and you never know, you might like the feel of the place and change your mind
  • Don’t go - it’s wasting everyone’s time and it might look obvious that your heart isn’t in it

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Not sure why you’d entertain a job that’s less money. Surely if someone emails you about a job/you apply for one, that’s the first thing I wanna square up.