Fuck off, Monday.



I would like to add my voice to this important message.


Got two exams today, yay! Cramming some last minute revision in while listening to (good) Animal Collective. Oh no wait I’m on here again.

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Two weeks to go.

Boss isn’t in all week which means I’ll do much less work, which is annoying as I’ve been quite productive recently. I COULD pull my socks up and get on with it, but life’s too short eh.



Water pouring through the kitchen ceiling while the shower is running, and now the wife’s car won’t start.

Fuck right off Monday.

I actually don’t feel too bad, all things considered.

[gets pelted with rotten fruit and chased out of the thread by everyone else]


Don’t let us curmudgeons* drag you down!

*curMondgeons? No


Quite the opposite FL, reading that has cheered me right up!



I have tonsillitis I think

Didn’t feel too bad yesterday, but feel awful now. Waiting till 8 when I can call the docs

Upside - I won’t be working for the man today like all you suckers

WFH for a variety of reasons, mainly I can not concentrate in an office. Surely they’re meant to be places where you can concentrate better than anywhere else. But also because my migraine yesterday meant I couldn’t even face a shower so I look pretty gross right now.

Morning all

This week isn’t looking quite as horrendous as previous weeks. However (a) looks can be deceptive and (b) we’re talking a 7 or 8 rather than an 11.

On the plus side: AQOS tomorrow :slight_smile:

I ended up having to move desks the other day because of the inane chatter. Problem is that I like to get in and get a good solid hour of work in while my mind is fresh, but this coincides with the time that the rest of the department want to sit around eating Alpen and telling each other about their kids’ swimming galas.

It’s not even chatting for me. Just the whole environment. The bright lights. Always freezing or tropical. Having to sit upright at a desk. It’s really flexible and you can move around and sit wherever you want but it doesn’t seem to help. I thibk its feeling like I can’t genuinely take the kind of break that works for me. Yeah I can move about or grab some fresh air but can I put a TV on in the background and have repeat of Gilmore Girls on whilst I type this article?

Which absolute tit booked my acupuncture appointment for 9am this morning?

it was me

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Off to Amsterdam again this afternoon for a meeting tomorrow. Definitely want my next job to have less travel…

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Aye, same with ours. It’s totally open plan and super noisy, so much background chatter at way too high a volume. It’s an environment totally inconducive to getting stuff done.

I have to have earphones in so I am only focused on one thing. I find I am way more productive at home with peace and quiet.