Off to work after the school run. Meeting a girl this evening at a board game bus cafe in Wood Green.

Bit nippy out.

CBA today, and had a shocker on Friday so am going to have to get my shit together today.

Big breakfast and some German minimalism on the headphones, I think.


wfh today and tomorrow, annual leave wed, in on thu and xmas do on fri. pretty ok week i think

Going to WFH today.

merry christmas everybody x


TW: Pregnancy stuff My sister just called to say she’s had a miscarriage, she’s been trying for so long to get pregnant. I feel awful for her. I know it’s very common but even so she’s devastated. She’s struggling to get time off work to deal with it, and she’s a pediatric nurse so she’s gonna have to spend all day looking after young kids :confused: Life ain’t fair sometimes.

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Sorry Bam I just neutralised the heck out of your post :joy:

oh man that’s awful, so sorry to hear this :frowning:


that’s fine don’t you worry about me :slight_smile:

Morning folks. Going to get my hair cut this morning. I hope the barber is in as much of a no-chat mood as I am this morning.

I can’t concentrate in an office or at home. Stupid internet.


I’m so sorry to hear this, man. Really hope she’s OK and that she gets some space to deal with it. :frowning_face:


Had a very quiet and sensible weekend so feeling oddly content for a Monday - I’m basically drinking every day from Thursday until Christmas though so the only way is down.

So sorry to hear this Juke. Sending lots of love pal :heart:



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Janelle Monae just announced to open MIF. I am not cool enough to be into her but thought it might be of interest to some of you MME cool cats.

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Had a fucking GREAT weekend including winning a £400 bar tab at one of our local pubs :joy:



I Will just say now that I absolutely should not have gone in when I wasn’t 100% better. Why is life so inconvenient

Mine’s a half of Guinness, ta.