Just did a 15 minute workout. Feel sick and want to go back to bed.


Morning barleysugar!

I’m currently enjoying a rather massive hotel breakfast. Going to a conference that starts at noon, and obviously my presentation is at tue very end of the whole thing — no chance of just quickly doing my thing and then going to do something fun.

Have a good day and week everyone

Hah! There are actually a few good ones that I want to catch anyway. Leaving a bit early would’ve been good though as it’s at a film festival and I could have started watching some early afternoon screenings…

So I’m in Tromsø, in the very north of Norway right. There’s a group of three people on the table next to mine and I can only assume they’re from a different country, as every one of them is wearing a wooly hat and scarf indoors for the breakfast :cold_face::sweat_smile:

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Esther McVey sounds like Ken Dodd

Train to work :pensive:

In bed, having cuddles. Off tomorrow, so just need to get through today. But huge amounts of CBAness going on

Sorry guys, public announcement: People staying at my house at any time, for any length of time is banned. Sorry


Starting my new job this morning. Then have to drive back to Scotland tonight. But first, the hotel breakfast.


Morning all.

It’s my first day at work since before the DiSmas meat, but I’ve decided to try to be positive, and not WFH. Also managed a sub 45 minute walk, which is better than sometimes, when I’ve not walked hard in that long, although I did feel a bit sick at a few points. I was rewarded with the sight of thousands of starlings flying off towards the Madejski stadium, presumably for an early morning conference, or some other bird business.

Had the absolute best of times over the last 3 weeks, and thankfully have lots of fun lined up in the coming weeks, so, and I’m aware I’m saying this before anyone has had the chance to annoy me at work, but I’m feeling pretty fine with being back to normality.

Have a great week, everyone.


A dog just came bounding over to me with his happy little face saying hello. His tongue was out so you could tell he was excited to see me.


Back into London today for a couple of interviews (non-scary). cba.

At least I’ve got lasagna in the fridge.

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0-1 Barleysugar


Good luck laefs


Off to Edinburgh for work again. Should be working on the train but listening to The Cribs…so can’t

Date #4 after…maybe go Wahaca.Or maybe el cartel if its better?

Long journey to work today; someone was hit by a train earlier this morning and my usual route is completely blocked. Obviously thoughts with that individual, those who know them and everyone who witnessed it. :frowning:


Have the day off today BUT I’ve woken up with a foot injury (this happens all the time) and I can barely walk. Was gonna go for a nice long walk today but think I’ll just play Mario Kart instead.

Walking to work. Playlist just threw up Lawyers Guns And Money, Virginia Plain, When Doves Cry and Psycho Killer one after the other with this view going on

so all my Monday dread is gone for now!


urgh I feel a bit ill

might go home