Monday 😭😭😭

Alright dis. Got up early to watch Game of Thrones so adrenalin is gonna carry me through the day. Anyway daily thread, you know the drill. Wishing you all well on this 5 day week :grimacing:

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Snoozer past my snooze alarm. Got up 30 minutes late but still seem to be on the exact same part of my walk in that I normally am by now :woman_shrugging:

Got to finish a research-heavy bit of writing today that I’m not confident in at all.


back to work after 1.5 weeks off. do not want.

Morning Tuna, Scout, all. Thursday for me today, got a fair bit to do but nothing too hectic. Going round to my parents’ house later to take my dad his birthday present and have some cake. Not a lot else going on really.

Morning all! Got an exam in two hours! SHIIIIT


Morning! 3rd day of Spain holiday, spent yesterday in Benidorm (!) which turns out is quite pretty (!!)

Heading to Valencia today, any hottt tips then let me know.


Which exam? Best of luck with it.

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Good luck! You got this :muscle:

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Really glad I just remembered I have a film screening/networking event this afternoon before I left the house wearing my usual Monday cba uniform of old jeans and stained t-shirt :upside_down_face:

it’s been awhile


Good luck!

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My bollock medicine is fucking me up so I’m calling in sick. Back to the doctor then back to bed.

Good luck Geesey!

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This is me, throwing a proper tantrum right now :rage:

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Morning all!

Poor night’s sleep for me, but I’ve been listening to Lizzobangers on my drive into work, so OK.

Thai pea soup for lunch, old man football later.

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I’ve got a mad busy week this week- looking at my diary trying to work out what I can possibly cancel to make this work :sob:

pronounce it like β€œbalencia” and all the locals will think you’re cool as fuck


Apologies if you’ve said before, but how did the interview go on Friday?

Forgot about the picture frame sitting at my desk that I’ll have to try not to snap on the tube later :roll_eyes: Curse you past me!