Monday 🌧


Gloomy af here. I like it.

Last day of R’s summer holidays at last :partying_face:

Going to take him for a haircut, wish me luck.


Got a new iron and used it for the first time. It’s pretty good.

That’s probably the most exciting thing that’s going to happen to me this week.


Can’t keep my eyes open :sleeping:


Very little to report here. Rain, work, still got 17 books to read by Saturday.

Really fancy some soup with loads of buttery, crusty bread, for breakfast.

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Would’ve worn an actual coat had I realised it was raining. Wish it rained more often in the mornings, I like beginning the day with my head 'neath hood.

Not 100% sure this is gonna keep the wind and rain out.

And it might take a week to get the parts in.

Honestly CBA. Slept like shit.

Awful way to start the morning walking 15 mins in rain. Makes me so angry.

Tbf, that is probably the most secure looking patch for a broken window I have seen, no cardboard and gaffer tape is a good sign!


Hope your back improves soon :crossed_fingers: x

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Woke up to a mainly clean house. Amazing what that can do to your mood. Put a dress on. Rain what rain?


Had 7 hours sleep last night. Feel almost human :smile:

work today. nothing tonight. :partying_face:

Got in from work at 10.40 last night. Decided to stay up watching the NFL until 12.30. I’m tired now.

Raining here too :grinning: bloody love a bit of rain. Got fairly uneventful day at work ahead hopefully.

Must. Not. Let. Dread. Set. In.

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I’m going on holiday today. Driving down to Swanage, leaving at 9. The weather doesn’t look great today but the rest of the week seems fine.

Monkey World tomorrow.

The cat is acting strange, I think he may have brought a mouse in as he’s just watching one corner. Can’t find anything though. God knows what we’ll come back to.


Morning. Really enjoying this drop in temperature, feel much better in this weather. Sleeping better n all. I’m going to drink a large pot of coffee.

I think I’ve worked out what was freaking him out.

We’ve got an automatic air fresher in the down stairs toilet that goes off every half hour. It seems to be getting squeaky, it’s just gone off again and the cats back to hunting mode.


Why did it turn into Autumn bang on the 1st of September

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Morning all.

Got the house to myself for a few days while her currently-not-indoors is staying with her folks to get some wedding stuff sorted over that way. My planned first evening of beer, pizza and music production turned into me watching the entire first season of GLOW while the cat slept on my chest instead. Lovely evening, no regrets.

Had to drop the car off for an MOT this morning so I’m headed in late via train. Current rain status: mercifully dry.

Hope you’re all well DiS.