Monday 🌧

Just blow whatever it is up, or knock it down or whatever and hit the pub.

Im not drinking for at least two days

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Yeah alright lo-pan.


Noir or Grigio?

Edit: I really don’t know why I need to know this.

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I’m only just coming to like white tbh. Red is still the best but I have a new found appreciation for white wine and rosé. Might start a wine thread.

Love how you clarified this despite it having precisely nothing to do with this brilliant story.


Guys, Halloween is coming


Always Coca-Cola!


That’s true. You would, however, still have ended up whapping 'em out for the afternoon crowd.



c a k e :cake:

Guess I must have left it a few days after New DiS launched?

Good point. I still want first refusal on the ghost writing job and film rights for your autobiography please.


This time last year I had tickets to see John carpenter and the new Halloween film to look forward to. This year there’s IT part 2 but no John Carpenter :sob: how do I fill the void?? @lo-pan

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You better write yourself up too

Are you my son?? He’s been going on about spooks, halloweeen, fireworks and santa ENDLESSLY for over a week now. :rofl::joy:
I’ve told him Halloween is next week and just hope he forgets/ doesn’t understand time yet.


GUYS- Monday is nearly completed. Everybody exhale. xx

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7 minutes to go then I’m outta here!

Haha, good luck with that :blush:

well roger me sideways officer, I may have to take a leaf out of your book and do a 4.30 exit too.

Accidentally said “see you next week” to someone, ffs brain is already in Friday mode

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I have a headache.