Monday 😬

Woken up with the dreads innit. Hope everyone else fares better.


It’s been okay so far, feeling a bit tired though.

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Been at work for over an hour. Just be having a very frank chat with my team which won’t be a good start to the week, but needs to have had.

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It’s not the world’s most common word I guess but would you say/write:

  • Pernickety
  • Persnickety

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Woke up early to apply for a new job. That probably says something about how the current one is going.

Gonna hug a cat (my cat, not a rando) and then go to work. Big case of the cba.


I hope the dreads subside soon @tilty

Also have much dread, is quite an achievement that I am out of bed already because I just don’t want to face any responsibility today. I want to give my brain a rest because it really needs one.

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Went to bed at 9 last night after a shower. Completely recommend it.

No real dreads, going to make a super salad to look forward to at lunch as well. Plus wearing stripey skirt and leopard boots so that always cheers me up :heart_eyes:




Evil sore throat with my cold, but need to get some stuff sorted on my laptop to be able to do anything so have to go on this morning. Can’t remember if I have any meetings booked in, but if I don’t I’ll probably WFH once that’s sorted.

Actually managed about three hours sleep last night but that was probably only because I had two glasses of wine with my cold tablets oops.

Dreads and tireds and dreads and tireds

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Last time I had a cough this bad Sascha wouldn’t sleep on my bed for about a month after it had ended. He can’t stand coughing, even once and he’s gone. Really hate sleeping without him :disappointed:

Remind them of the big bin argument I had.

I’ve got the day off :partying_face:

I did have to spend last night clearing down emails, but I’ve got one day in the office in five this week (thanks, ‘networking day’ and project management course) so I don’t have much choice.

Still, I’m going to head up to the coast and do a nice long walk, maybe get a bacon sandwich from the café and then get the bus back.


Fucking knackered. Cant wait to get home and watch Sabrina

Not even got out of bed yet

I’m pretty good, helping my dad sort out my grandma’s new flat this week.

Totally exhausted though with the tragicomic political madness and after the bad trip of the last five years I need a new, fresh, positive start, thinking of getting out of this country for a while, even if it’s just a holiday.

I’ve woken up to find a series of weird bruises on my chest and stomach. No idea what caused them. WTF.

Are they definitely bruises? Before she was diagnosed with UC, my partner got a bunch of sores that were an autoimmune response to her being on the way to having sepsis.

Cannot be arsed.

Excited for the potential opportunities that a new week brings! #excited #blessed #late