Monday 😬

They look like bruises. I think.

Oh shit.

An argument of Brabantian proportions?



One of hers looked a bit like that, she says. The rest were like pustules.

She says to go to the doctor.

Sorry if this is unnecessary worry!

Will do.

Please don’t apologise.


I got told off for buying the wrong bin after being instructed to get any bin except for one that she hated from a house that I had never lived in.


I think there was a fire at the train station cause the little ticket office is blocked off and now I’m reet cold outside

This reads like a Springsteen lyric if Springsteen was from Slough or somewhere.


‘The Middle Manager’



Got that horrible cold where I feel physically fine but I snore like a pneumatic drill, I cough up disturbingly thick and chunky grey/green …stuff, and I sound like Barry White played at the wrong speed.

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Well they blew up the sales rep in Reading last night.


Meet me tonight in Welwyn Garden City.


Imagine how good it’s going to be when my ear goes back to normal. I hope it’s an explicit thing where it kinda pops and feels normal again, rather than just waking up with it like that.

morning all :wave:

probably the highest levels of cba with regards to going into work this morning of the year so far, surprised it took til February tbh.

to attempt to combat that I got a white chocolate Twix on the way to work, might go get a hot chocolate in a bit and reckon the headphones might go on today to try and get my head down and just smash through stuff.

toying with the idea of getting a haircut later too as my current hair is now irritating me immensely. not even bothered how it’s cut, just want it done.

So very sleepy this morning, all my own doing - decided to stay awake to watch the first half of the Superbowl despite having no interest in American football. Didn’t see the half time show, nor did I see the Kansas City Shitehawks win so was largely pointless, has meant I’m an hour down on sleep for absolutely nothing. Cheers past-Davis, you fucking moron.

Slept in and the bus us currently not fucking moving. Deep rage

Day off.
Was expecting to be rough from Super Bowl drinking and sleep in
Only had 2 little cans of beer so feel fine.


Was gonna go into work but have opted to WFH cos it’s more convenient for me and they don’t care anyway

Parasite screening at 6. Just ate a cinnamon swirl, now eating a coissant. Have coffee. That’s it.

Commute being a real dickhead so far today, it is a sign? I should just give up?

Morning DiS,

Woken up by the human alarm clock around 5am, who was obsessed with cooking a special meal for chinese new year and/or having a sleepover with his cousins. Tough tits Jimbo, it’s a school day.

WFH today, and probably spending too much of it looking at old cameras on eBay

Waiting in the dentists waiting room about to have a filling replaced :grimacing:. I’m hoping for a quietish day at work mainly consisting of two months of expenses.