😫 Monday 😫

Morning all

How are you?


Wait - why is brexitland not having a bank holiday today??

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Hello! Work in a bit, might get Mrs F to cut my hair later, possibly grade 1. Nothing else to report I’m afraid :sleeping:

It’s on Friday to coincide with the 75th anniversary of VE Day. And nothing could be Brexitier than that.


It’s my Friday. So yeah. Got a beer order that been delayed that I’m hoping will arrive today.b

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Love dunking pastries into coffee. Sorry!

Morning all, awake disgustingly early, definitely the earliest I’ve been awake since lockdown. Got an unusually busy day, ugh.

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I…should’ve guessed.


Starting my 4 day weeks from today to spend more time with the silly baby.


Morning all!

Too much bourbon last night.

Today would have been the Higher English exam that I spent most of the last nine months getting my class ready for, so I’ll be making heartbroken puppy dog eyes at pictures of exam halls today.

We’re making some kind of spicy chicken and piri piri chips for tea, and I intend to drink a bottle of wine as I drown my sorrows.

The Child’s first request this morning was to dress as a pirate. Her mother is expected to be a unicorn when she wakes up.


We stand here amidst MY achievement. NOT yours!



Had a decent Sunday and slept well so feeling oddly perky.

Warm temperatures predicted for the bank holiday :weary:

Just opened a packet of ham to make my sandwich for later and the packet said ‘7 slices’. How many slices were in the packet do you think?

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Stubbed my toe in the bathroom so this weekend is a write off already

Yesterday I watched a whole episode of a TV show on the actual TV without looking at my phone once :open_mouth:

Genuinely don’t think I have done this in several years and it was one of the nicest evenings I’ve had in a long time. I’m not entirely sure if I enjoyed it because I wasn’t distracted, or if I wasn’t distracted because I enjoyed it, but I’m going to try and make shower > PJs > TV and port in the evening a thing.

Had a week and a half at the end of May booked off for a holiday (obviously now cancelled), can’t decide whether to keep it and have a decent break from work, start a new video game etc, or save it until I can do things.


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day.


Fell asleep not long after seven last night, slept until half two then was up for three hours before grabbing a couple more. Hate when that happens, missed an evening of unwinding time so I still feel like a tightly coiled spring of anxiety without nothing much happening yet.

Making stew and flat breads for lunch apparently. Not very stew weather, but this is apparently my speciality now…

Next level brexiting mate, don’t mind us.


Got paid my work bonus (somehow) so looking forward to spunking that on a new phone and laptop this morning.
Going for a bike ride this afternoon and might have a few beers tonight.

It should be a good day. :sunglasses:


Cider really really makes my farts stink. Might have to socially isolate myself in the garden today.