Fuck off


Back working after a week off. DO NOT WANT.

Had a very good sleep last night, compared to usual anyway (the cattery asking to keep Fig for an extra night played a huge part in that).

Today instead of work I’d to cuddle, nap, exercise, read, clean, nap.


Feel like shit. I thought my cold was getting better, but it’s got worse again. I’ve still got my sense of taste and smell, and I’m not going anywhere for the next 48 hours, so I think I’ll avoid doing a LFT for now

Today I need to keep refreshing my emails in the hope of getting a job offer so I can stop ignoring my current work asking me to apply for jobs I don’t want ASAP so I can hopefully get made redundant and also have to run meetings where I need to engage with work in a job I’m not going to have in 45 days, tops, while also ignoring requests from other people to pick up extra work that I have absolutely no intention of doing because of the above.

Also the builders are supposed to be digging an eight foot deep trench in my back garden today.

Also I overdid it a bit with the ol’ exercise yesterday and do not have use of my arms, core, or that small muscle in the middle of your upper back that you use to pull your shoulder blades together.

Also I really miss my pal who’s doing a no notification hermit January, which I am pretty much in awe of, but could really have used the emotional support recently, but obviously it’s ok because you can’t pour from an empty cup and all that and I’m really glad they’re prioritising their well-being, but also I NEED THE VALIDATION PLEASE.

Ok builders are here. Fuck off.


On a course all week so have had to gt up much earlier than usual. Obviously going to bed early did fuck all as I just lay awake for 2 hours and then woke up several times just to check that I hadn’t overslept :angry:

Now having got up early and joined the meeting on time I’m just sitting here waiting because the host hasn’t turned up yet. They did this last time too. Why say 8:30 if you aren’t going to be there at 8:30?

Morning all.

Got up to do some yoga but my back is still fucked from lugging buckets of gravel around at the weekend. Spent some time petting Mr Socks while listening to Imaginary Softwoods instead. Best morning I’ve had in ages tbh. Might sack this excercise thing off and go full time on cat scratching instead.

I’m going to make an appointment with the physio in a bit, who will probably advise against giving up exercising. Then I need to fix a broken database, finish a track for a charity comp, replace some bulbs and arrange a trip up North to knacker my back carrying furniture about for my dad. Did you need my entire to do list? Probably not but you’ve read it now. I can’t give you the time back.

Hope you’re all well.

Got covid, feel like shite. Never knew the positive strip could go red that quickly, I had to do another in case the first was faulty and the same happened instantly.

GWS @spicer


You know what I dislike? Non-weekend days


Totes contro but I’ll allow it

Also, annual leave is good and people should have more of it.

Enough to cover 50% of non-weekend days I’d say



Morning all,

Wish I had a day off to do some drawing. A very very kind illustrator sent me a video on how to do something in photoshop I’ve been trying to work out how to go for literal YEARS and now I know how to do it I am desperate to do more.

People who use Adobe creative suite, I’m presuming the best how to do things videos are just the ones available with Adobe? I haven’t looked into those, only ever used YouTube.

I don’t know how much it is but the LinkedIn learning courses are really good (used to be Lynda)

Edit: that said, I used it to learn some aftereffects from scratch and I’m very familiar with the rest of the adobe UI - for individual things I just look on YouTube rather than spending any money

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Monday but at least Jess is feeling cuddly


Can’t even remember falling asleep last night but think it was about 9. Obviously feel absolutely terrible today.

Think I might just achieve some stuff today

I’ve sent one whole email. Hometime!


Another Monday?!

How many more in this stupid year?

Bubs had a meltdown at around 11pm last night that was so intense I was actually slightly scared, then promptly slept through till 7am which has only happened a couple of times before. Trying to work out whether or not I’d be willing to accept this as a nightly occurance if it was in my control.

1st day of having other people back in the office today and I’m already dreading sharing what I now deem to be MY space with them and their insatiable need for small talk and occasionaly, big talk.