monday 🤦🏼‍♀️

happy Monday??? ??!!!

I’ve been using a mini fan from Tiger and it keeps kicking out oil onto my hands. Got to work today and it had also sprayed oil on my chin and neck :woman_facepalming:t3:

What’s causing you to face palm today?

Today is my Friday, really looking forward to it cooling down a bit so i might get some actual sleep

Hope you drizzle mongers are happy…actual light rain on my face this morning. Outraged

Anyway, off to a NT beach including walk and then this afternoon going on a boat.

Have a super day lovelies.

Facepalming because ‘paternity leave’ as a freelancer means I’ve got a load of work to get done today - I thought I’d at least get to avoid the Mondays for a couple of weeks!

Really hoping for a good storm today. I would LOVE it.

Shit sleep again. Got some weird heartburn type thing which I assume is to do with being in the sun all weekend. Hope it goes away soon.


  • WFH
  • Go in the office (late)

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Dread be gone, a hex on you :skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones:

Been waiting to hear from the doctors since last week but just occurred to me I changed my number without telling anyone so that might be my facepalm moment. I like only 5 people having my number though :blush:

Nice and cool and cloudy today :sunglasses:


also facepalm-free (FPF) day so far

oh, I guess waking up to my very sad very dehydrated spider plant counts - but they’re impossible to kill, so im sure it’ll be bright and green come Thursday

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First day back at work after a week off. Made it 40 minutes before deciding that I want to resign and go freelance.

I mean, I won’t because I’m far too lazy, but still

Anyone need a social media person? I’ve just been informed by my company that they’re letting me go with a week’s notice. Lovely. As if my mental health wasn’t already damaged enough.

Urgh so tired. My upstairs neighbour’s tv kept me awake until about 2am and then the annoying woman next door woke me up at 6.30am yelling at her husband in the garden.

I’m up and out and on my way into town. Might go to the gym later if I don’t feel so tired. No other plans as I’m off work (should do some PhD stuff).

This is an excellent life strategy. When I’m on form I like to get up and do this before the kids get up. I’m on form approx 20 days a year.


First day of week off today. Got some stuff booked in for the Fringe now.

Walked the dog already, so it can piss it down now until 7ish if it wants.

The cooler weather means I can hopefully get the cleaning finished off without melting.

Had a fair bit of rain but it still feels boiling

After 4 days of that heat, culminating hosting a housewarming shindig with 8 kids bouncing off the walls and cooking for 16 people, it is hard to remember a week I’ve started more knackered.

Put the day aside to write a paper and all I want to do is doze on the sofa. WFH days are 99% resisting temptation.

Coffee. Coffee is the answer.

Told my gf a fact yesterday which i got wrong :man_facepalming: as turns out there’s a christmas carol called ‘Child in the manger’ which is different to ‘away in the manger’

The term ’ i hate mindays’ has never felt so relevant’

Im fed up with the way this place is ran and i need to change careers

Too hot last night. 1½hrs sleep, and I overslept. Had to speak to the regional manager this morning at 6.45 as we were on a shitlist and my boss is on the late tonight. So been wracking my brain over that too, which probably added to the lack of sleep. Got to carry out a gross misconduct investigation, so hope they actually turn up today. Early finish and day off tomorrow.

Was misty this morning, so hoping it cools off, but still high 20s today I think.

Drank too much friday saturday so feeling low today of course. Full of regret but overall it was fun. Luckily the puppy continues to be wonderful! Really taken a fancy to my laptop leads though so wfh is proving slow. Kids still at grandparents so it is very quite otherwise.

I have now removed the charger and it appears my toes are the next best thing :sweat_smile:

Go get 'em punx

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