Monday 📺

Happy world television day :tv: and monday :date:


It’s my Friday. I’m sleepy as I finished at 9 last night and was back in for 5.30. still, finish at 2 and have Tuesday and Wednesday off. Need to source some brisket for a dinner I want to make, but nowhere in town has any

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So cold, had to bust out the hot water bottle last night

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Could have done with another hour or two in bed this morning, might just have a lazy day instead. It’s meant to be raining all day - it hasn’t started yet, but I reckon I’ll be housebound for the day

Does anyone know anyone in Mexico who has a kid? Looking for a penpal for a school thing

Day atarted off okay but ny mood has serverly dipped

Anither grey
Rainy day stuck indoors, hate this country
Praying my meds actually are in stock today as theyre almost a week late (big problem when im only being goven a weeks worth at a time)

Morning, it’s going to rain all day which cancels my work (which I currently don’t have enough of anyway). Any of you folk need a remote worker? I imagine some of you live on yachts running huge companies, while sipping cocktails (don’t spoil this by telling me it’s not true).
What colour yacht?

morning troops, was at a wee soiree last night and bumped into DiS legend and all round good c**t @keith :slight_smile:


Gotta be aqua marine, stealth yacht

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Morning all!

I’m a bit tired and very cold. I decided not to wear a jacket when I dropped The Child off at school and instantly regretted it when I got out of the car.

No classes today so I’m hoping to get a load of resources created to make December and January easier. The only other person in the office is one of the many twerpy English people who work in an adjacent department and I’m praying he won’t try to make conversation about ‘the footy’.

It’s cyber Monday!

Who wants to cyber with me?*

*20% off my OF right now


My sister in law is a teacher in Mexico! :mexico:

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morning all, tired today and got a shit tonne of admin to sort out


Not got anything else so i’ll leave it there :smiley:


Going to celebrate World Television Day by watching lots of TV :slightly_smiling_face:

Really windy and cold here, heating is on and I have a massive mug of coffee. Had some toasted fruit bread for breakfast which was nice.

Rhythm Time at 10.45am however mini just fell asleep on me and were both still in PJs so may have to drive up as dont think were going to have time to walk. Means I will make sure we wrap up and go for a walk later on to get that fresh air and daylight.

Going to make a meatball pasta bake for tea. Need to get garlic bread though! Really craving garlic bread.

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Morning all!

Wanted to get the dog walked and pop to Sainsbo before the rain rolled in. Came out of Sainsbo’s to find it pissing down. Nearly made it.

Going to stay in the warm and dry for the rest of the day and - reluctantly and disapprovingly - watch the football this afternoon and into the evening.

Morning. Rather cold and rainy here, if it doesn’t clear it’s going to be an excuse for a freezer buffet lunch.

Already got 3 spam calls and an e-mail from my boss telling them I need to tell them how I’m feeling on my days off if I’ve had the day off sick recently. Why the hell would I email work ON MY DAY OFF?


Meds were in stock!!! Halibpuyah


I’m in the office today. Seems I’ve got a colleague.