very jealous of this (and meeting squandered too ofc)


Chilly today, isn’t it - the ends of my fingers are already like ice. I really hope my workspace is warmer once this double glazing is in. Brrr.

Not that the window fitters have actually turned up yet

FUCK it’s cold, horrible. Nearly bought a warmer hat at the weekend, decided against it and regretting it now

Ah balls rain now

Off to office for a short project then back home safe (maybe via a Christmas present shop)

Might take myself to the cinema later

  • Neptune Frost (Afro futuristic sci fi)
  • Casablanca (Casablanca)

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Has to be ‘Neptune Frost’. Can’t wait until they eventually screen it here.

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I can’t wait to see Neptune Frost - Saul Williams is one of my favourites.

Casablanca is pretty good too though.


Just had a filled croissant and coffee for breakfast and rung up to pay for our Christmas lunch (we’re going away for a few days). Off to Rhythm Time this morning then might take a trip to Aldi to pick up a few bits from the middle aisle.

Then itll be a lazy afternoon as ive got my first KIT (keeping in touch) day at work tomorrow which im both looking forward to and anxious about. :grimacing: Will probably get my bag ready for work too.

Hope all goes well for you @tilty

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Hmm already regretting an email I’ve just sent to the CEO and some other big wigs.

Have criticized the ethical failings of some art in the square outside our building and now I’m wondering did they collectively chose it rather than the council? Ooops. lol.

The window fitters have arrived. The cats have left in disgust (or fear, maybe)

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And @wasted ! I saw the whole fam!


Can’t believe it’s legal to work in December


Morning everyone,

Need to conjure up some energy this week to get the flat a bit more organised after work, it’s feeling a wee bit chaotic. Would really love to decide on what to do with the hallway too before I go home for Christmas :thinking:

Got my work Christmas party on Friday. I ordered a dress from joy but it still hasn’t turned up. Eek.


Lol, just realised I didn’t actually buy the dress?!??! What the fuck memory.


morning all, gl tilty

have been drifting in and out of sleep all morning with the first test on in the background seeping into my dreams

supposed to be meeting someone today for coffee but it appears i have been subjected to a good ol’ ghosting :crazy_face:

work at 6

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You know how I was complaining about the cold earlier? Turns out if you take out a load of windows from your house it instantly gets loads colder. I might have to start working in my thick coat soon.

(or ditch working and disappear off to a warm cafe)

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Scan done. Find out results on Thursday.

Thanks for all the kind words and texts xx


Sending you hugs tilts :heart: xxxx


Having known a number of people who’ve had scans like this, if they told you that you’ll find out your results later this week, rather than sending you straight to another team, probably means that there’s nothing too serious to worry about

(caveat, I’m not a doctor)

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Snow watch e20

I’m ill. Think I’ve finally got Covid but don’t have the energy to get out of bed to do a test.