Anyone else setting off home from work now?

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Sorted this for you :blush:

1st day of jury service :grin:

Morning. I’ve got something really important to do in work today that I’ve been putting off for ages because I don’t know how to do it, and now there’s barely enough time to get it done properly. hashtagprofessionalism

I’ve got a small nerdy card game tournament tonight, but I’ve got the prizes already so am bringing nonsense decks. Should be fun. For me, at least.

Nothing to report from the weekend.

I got in about 20 minutes ago. Now I feel like I could stay awake forever. I might try.


Just arrived back from my holidays. Have the day off so going to sleep and chill out for the day. Why is it so cold

I’ve come in early because there was no breakfast in the house. Also I’m opening today but that means I get to go early YAY

Meant to be going to the theatre tonight but I cannot be fucked. Probs gonna return the tickets. Yes.

Off to Philly for work way above what I should be doing.

Pray for Jordan

What are you probably not going to see tonight?

Went to The Twits Dinner on Saturday evening. Really disappointingly uncomfortably bad. The actor playing Mr Twit told a female audience member he would “get intimate” with them later on. He also made someone at the table next to us bend over to touch their toes, presenting their bum to us, and then offered to sell a go in it to our table. Actress playing Mrs Twit tried to force-feed me a serving spoon full of coleslaw (which had cooked grubs in it…) and spilled it down my shirt when I refused to eat it. Proper gallows-level stuff. Eugh.

Rest of my weekend was fine. Work will be busy.

Hey ho. Team meeting today which means having to go out. We only see each other once a month but the meetings take about 5 hours which makes them a bit of an endurance test. Pub quiz tonight which should be the highlight of the day by a fair stretch.

Just don’t play bball outside of the school and you’ll be fine

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You can return theatre tickets on the day of the performance?

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Morning all

Weekend was okay - went down to Dorset on Saturday to see my Dad and stepmum. We had a chance to chat properly but it was good to have our children about as it kept things as light-hearted as they could be in the circumstances. Saying goodbye was tough. Thanks for all the support and advice, was actually quite helpful in the end.

Went for lunch and a walk in the woods yesterday. Sun was out, was quite pleasant.

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Father Comes Home From The Wars (Royal Court)

It has good reviews but it’s three hours long and gosh I just really cba

I have done before at the same theatre.

Is it cos you’re a regular or a member or something or are they just really nice?

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I think they’re really nice.

I think their policy is “you can return them if you like and we’ll credit your account IF we re-sell them”.

It was only a tenner a ticket so I’m not really that arsed about it (unless someone here wants 'em? G’is a shout if so).

Tell you what, that’s a good policy, though I take it they don’t often sell out if they’re willing to be so accommodating

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