Every morning I spend around 10 fucking minutes looking for my belt. I really should just leave it in one place when I go to bed/buy more belts.


They’ll sell all the tickets they have before re-selling returns. I think they do regularly sell out, and today is £10 Mondays, and the play has good reviews so I think I’ll be alright.

How’s Oz? Are you outraged there isn’t a little Australian flag in the emoji thing here?

Think most theatres do this.

I had no idea theatres were such GBOLs. I guess theatre bastards will go back for lots of things so they want to keep them sweet.

Oz is fine, though discovered the other day that one of the busiest streets for Nightlife is called Boundary Street because it used to be the boundary indigenous people weren’t allowed to cross after curfew. Pretty fucked up. Mate of mine compared it to the Nazis winning the war and turning Auschwitz into a nightclub. The impact was lessened when he pronounced Auschwitz as “house switch” though.


I do this more often than I’d like to admit. I think it’s because of my “belts aff” policy as soon as I know I won’t be leaving the house again, but that moment could strike when I’m literally anywhere in the house.

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Did a phenomenal poo this morning. Feel ready to take on the whole world now.



totally can’t be fucked today.

weekend was great but i’m shattered and spent a fortune.
off to see jamie t tonight

Birthday do at the weekend (not mine). Good times, but terribly hungover yesterday. Not done that for a while.

On Saturday saw a shirt with Balonz’s face on it, probably warrants its own thread.

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That warrants its own thread


i saw jess asking if anyone wanted to come to an after-after party two hours before i woke up this mornign :smiley:

Mmm. Live the theatre but you need to be in the right frame of mind for a long evening in a (most likely) uncomfortable chair. Going to see King Lear next week- numb arse guaranteed.


Bit of a bummer because it’s in its last week and probably won’t get to see it again.

Ah well. I’d much rather sit around in my pants watching Friday Night Lights tbh

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Dropped some wedge on a new mattress this weekend as my other one was rubbish*, had the best night sleep didnt want to leave my bed and considered taking a sick day just to lie on it all day.
*when getting rid of the old mattress realized I had it the wrong side up the whole time and this is why it was probably so uncomfortable, still think/hope it was shit.

Glad it sounds like it went as well as it could have man.

Exactly this!

I cocked up some theatre tickets once, booked them on an evening that was already busy (actually I think I booked them first and then Mrs HYG booked something else, but obviously I was the one who had to deal with it). Expected the Old Vic just to shrug their shoulders, but they were super helpful, happily rebooked us for similar seats on a different night, not even sure if they charged a booking fee for admin. GBOL.

I think it helps that for most shows in London there will be demand for returns - there’s typically a queue of people waiting by the box office before a performance.

Work, football, pub, watch football, home, bed

Morning team. Heading to the hospital to watch Strictly Come Dancing with my mother-in-law tonight. Rock and roll!

can’t stop sneezing