Having a bad morning. Got to work late and my shoulder/neck is still hurting fortunately I have a Osteopaths appointment on Wednesday which can’t come soon enough.
I’m a bit nervous as tomorrow evening I start a NVQ course in which I’m hoping to have a career change at the end of it, so it’s very important to me for it to go well. I haven’t been in education since leaving school and I’m not very academic and this is playing on my mind.
I’m sure it’ll all be ok but it’s still a big deal for me.

Got married at the weekend and only one picture of us wasn’t CORRUPT when we got them uploaded :frowning:


you all look beautiful, congrats

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Genuinely still feel rough, never had a 2 day hangover. Only just about functioning and I don’t want to speak to anyone.

That blue tie really brings out your eyes

Work to do, then dance class later on. Nothing else to report.

Well Obviously I had to edit out my real eyes as don’t want people to use that photo as their own but my eyes did look lovely, I suppose I can post them here without issue?


Thank you, it is a shame I cannot post the rest of the images but my SD card must have got loads of moisture in it from the sauna in the hotel. Luckily we have loads of disposable cameras awaiting processing that have capture the fine day.

Congratulations! Hope you can sort out the rest of them.

This Twitter account has started liking my posts. Not sure how I feel about that.

My scalp’s really sore to the touch on the left side of my head. Why

I’m really sorry but this post just made me crack up laughing. I’m so sorry.

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It’s Foley, isn’t it?

If it is then he’s still got it


It’s good to see him bounce back from the death / reverse birth of JohnToast so quickly.

really digging this picture of a group of world leaders looking like croupiers

My flatmate closes the toilet door shut after he’s been in there

This means that you have to knock on the door if you’re the first one to use it afterwards

Also means you might get people knocking on the door when you’re in there

#fucking thick.

you don’t have a lock on your bathroom door? backward

Won one match lost my second at a BJJ competition, slightly gutted as that was probably one of the last time’s I’ll compete this year. Had a lot of fun though.

Nah it’s a water closet with a window. Isn’t necessary.