Yeah there is a lock

But it’s not like it has a vacant/engaged sign

If you just leave it slightly ajar when no one’s in there you’ll always know that someone’s in there when it’s closed

He just fucks up the system by closing it

water closet, water CLOSEt

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I still don’t know what you’re supposed to say either if someone knocks on the door when you’re in there

I made a thread on this ages ago and no one else knew either

Starting to wonder if I’m allergic to mushrooms ffs


Cats are better than kids really, aren’t they?


just saw werner herzog :heart_eyes:

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Since we got these two, I keep forgetting we’ve got kids.

We do this as well. To be fair it’s because if the door is left open a tiny bit the cat will get in there and piss all over the bathmat.

They’ll come back when they get hungry.

You could/should have made this into a “who is the person that i have seen?” thread


already mentioned he was coming a couple of times on 'ere. got the door to my edit suite open now, hoping he’ll have to come back this way :heart_eyes:

I’ve been trying to work out which name Foley would be using.

It’s so obvious when someone points it out!


my brother is off sick and just ordered a pizza.

delivery driver rang up and asked how to make his way through the estate and my brother didn’t understand why because we live on a road.

turns out the delivery driver was asking cause he was at the bottom of my brothers ex’s estate AHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA CLASSIC BANTS

poor guy

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I hope this was your brother’s fault?

yeah. had her house set as his default/only address. he’s a prick.

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having to drink coffee with creamer in it because there’s no milk in this office.

bloody USAians.

Bloody hell! Allowing you to go over there and steal their jobs! Disgraceful!

Not sure why I’m watching the Kaiser chiefs on TV :confused: