Talk at me about your weekend and/or week ahead. Or don’t, see if I care.

Hi Eps.

Weekend: good, managed to not go crazy with :beer: even though I went out twice. Led a bike ride and, errr, someone broke their arm. 19 people is too many to lead :fearful:

This week: fuck all planned which is :100:

Another fucking day at home looking after the girl because she has chicken pox STILL.

No idea how stay at home parents are sane. The same tedious dull game played with the toys over and over that you have to be a part of. They could break suspected terrorists in a few days by just making them spend all their time looking after 3 year old. No waterboarding required.

I have to talk about this wedding I went to on Saturday. The Best Man’s speech centred around some ridiculous am-dram Film Noir style monologue, including a costume change into a trench coat and trilby and completed with some smooth saxophone as musical accompaniment. I had no idea what was going on but my body is still convulsing with cringe.

The bride’s parents left at 10:00pm.


What were the hats like?


Dad detail, drinking on Saturday night with friends, migraine, sister came over yesterday, made the bolognese of my life, watched a buttload of Rick and Morty. Can’t stop thinking about Ants In My Eyes Johnson.

Left early enough to get a coffee and a pastry on the way in. Gonna nail today I think.

Morning all. Weekend was good (wedding) but feel like I need to do some running and eat some fruit or something. Mostly gonna spend this week trying to apply for jobs whenever I’m not working. Cba.

Weekend was fairly uneventful. Ate two burritos.

Now got a stinking cold and a stinking week ahead. hmph.

Burrito info pls

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Rick and Morty is so good. Need another season on Netflix.


(Obviously she is incredibly sweet much of the time, it’s just the playing games that gets really frustrating. This weird thing where she won’t play on her own but your input has to be this minimal dull help so you can’t actually do anything else and it’s really dull.)

Still in bed. Two week half term :yum: will be spending the majority of it in the library as im writing on how to improve the management and leadership of SEN in early years. :nerd: :baby:

Two weeks? Oh, check out Ms Tory Public School Teacher.

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Yep private lol

Do you have Orchard Toys games in your house? My youngest always wants to play Crazy Chefs or Where’s My Cupcake or some other inane shit.

The Best Man put everybody else off.

Was it an emotional day?

We have two and she isn’t really able to comprehend how the three little pigs one should work, and the others are very simplistic and over in about 5 minutes




It’s my birthday
I arrived home from Texas at 1pm yesterday
I’m very tired

In other news my holiday was absolutely brilliant.

Here is a picture of me and the caravan I stayed in to please those who think I live in a caravan for whatever reason.