#happy birthday Meowington!




youre a good kid…real trooper out in the field…


happy birthday! :slight_smile:


2 more days and season 2 will be yours my friend.


This weekend I engaged in some pretty extreme gluttony, five guys Friday, deep fried lasagne burger Saturday, 2 roasts on Sunday. This week I’m going to see fvnerals on Wednesday, going to court with a friend who has got on the wrong side of a no win no fee lawyer on Thursday, on Saturday I want to go to the Buffy themed thing at DIY space for London but don’t think I’m cool enough to go there.


Drank too much on Friday (DiS followed by a birthday party) but felt surprisingly ok on Saturday. Met a friend for climbing, cooked some lovely Indonesian food for dinner, watched X & Y (really excellent). Sunday was laaaaaaazzzzzyyyyyy. Lots of video games and football. This week of work can do one.


I went to Brighton, drank a lot of beer, had KFC for the first time in my life (average), and met my friend’s dog:

She is a good dog.




Should be an okay week this. Hoping to crack on with getting my dual British/Cypriot citzenship, on account of my grandparents being from Cyprus. That’s become a bit of a difficult slog but I’m getting on with it.

Meanwhile I’m building myself up to see I Daniel Blake, hopefully tonight. Might also go watch American Honey later in the week but I can only watch it straight after work, seems like a long time to sit down after spending a whole day sat down.


Ooft indeed, what the hell is this?


Get some fun stuff to play with!

Scales and flour, sugar etc
Water in a basin with a load of dolls or cars or marbles or something in
Play games like Simon says, hide and seek, when will the trapdoor fall etc.
Do some painting
Sing songs
Use tape to make a race track through the house and push cars etc round it

Has she scabbed over yet? If so you can go out and around…

Mine both had it one after the other, it’s the house confines that get a bit much. Y need a lot of imagination for the mornings then watch a film in the afternoon…


It was a burger with an additional burger made of deep fried lasagne in breadcrumbs on top, I thought the bun was going to be made of lasagne but it was made of bun


Half term so lots of kids high jinx, today is swimming and shopping. Feeling a bit cold and sore throaty though so letting them have too much TV time around that so I can rest…

Wrote my assignment over the weekend, first draft anyway so can let it rest for a few days then Thursday have a look over and redo the bad bits


Friday night the wife made fake chicken and black bean burritos which were amazing 8/10
yday i had a veggie burrito from a rubbish little mexican cantina near me 6/10


I saw a man in a suit near the station riding this thing, that basically looks like a motorised bike wheel with pedals sticking out of the spokes for him to stand on. He also had a bowler hat, curly moustache and this really defiant expression on his face


Bet he’s a total, total cunt.




drinking all day yesterday was a mistake.

that aside weekend was pretty good, late night viewing of halloween on fri followed by drinks and dancin in sleazys.
work colleagues wedding on sat night.
yesterday bought masel a cracking persian rug and watched the football and drank too much.

today can fuck off.


i want a deep fried lasagne burger right now