Monday 💤


Good morning, I bet everyone isn’t as down about this Monday because of upcoming days off right? How many days left? Today’s my last day until the 3rd can’t wait :sob:

In my 3rd uber of the month to work this is becoming an addiction I need to curb, this will take it up to £50 I think??? But I don’t have to worry about the bustard picadilly line or skip breakfast



Reset my phone keyboard to get rid of auto correct typos and I lost my arsenal of swear words
Now I have duck, bustard, birch, can’t


Morning jb, all.
Good weekend. Saw some lovely DiSers (and a giant stapler) on Friday. Excellent climbing comp on Saturday. Father-in-law’s birthday dinner yesterday evening.
TV is at an interview for a job near Leeds today - fingers crossed she will get it and we can start laying plans to move our lives to ‘the north’.
Got a huge pile of work to finish in the next few days… At work all week :frowning:


Duck off you can’t.

I’m at my parents for annual xmas visit. On edge all the time. :grimacing:


Ooh we’ll be friends. It’s going to be so much fun!




morning all

got loads of work done yesterday :sweat_smile:
in ‘work’ this week up until Friday… although that includes a trip down to Bristol Tuesday/Wednesday just measuring stuff and then going to the pub Friday afternoon so not tooooo bad.
need to write up my appraisal then doss about looking busy :thumbsup:


Weighing up whether to go in to work or work from home.


  • have to get dressed and leave the house
  • have to spend money on getting to work
  • I can get a nice coffee on my way in
  • I actually get way more work done


  • jammies and central heating
  • another 45 minutes in bed
  • have to justify working from home to my boss
  • have to work twice as hard to get the same amount of work done


Morning all

Booked today and tomorrow off as (a) I had a super busy weekend and (b) I’m not taking any other time off other than the bank holidays. Currently sat in bed. Giving blood later.

Sang a lot of carols last night and then came home and drank and watched Home Alone. :100:


Off to that Munich in a bit. BRICKING IT.

As usual, in my absence I delegate all of my posting responsibilities to @Balonz. He’s been reading up on Netrunner lingo recently, so you’ll barely notice the difference.


Good coffee and not having to do more work win it for me


Got up early, gonna go to the gym, then pick up a parcel, then do ALL of my christmas shopping. But first… :coffee:


Got a bit of a non-day today trying to fix a bunch of household stuff before Christmas :christmas_tree: festivities

Also got my first BITT artist profile/interview going live on a website today & I’m frankly a little nervous as to how that’s gonna go down/ if anyone is even going to even notice



First day of leave today. Not back in until the 5th.

.There’s a load of stuff I could do, there’s a few things I should do but nothing I really need to do before I go up to Edinburgh tomorrow.


Agree with @ericthefourth … Plus public transport will be quieter, plus there’ll probably be Christmas treats in work


Link please! Was talking about you with a couple of DiSers at the pub on Friday, in case you need an ego boost :wink:


Oh really? Tell me more …

It’s a US site & it’ll go live 10am
Pacific time which is 6pm GMT - I’ll post the link in my JAG thread once it’s up


Working from home this morning and then off this afternoon to go and watch my sons nativity. He’s super excited and to be honest, so am I.


Has your son’s school not finished for the Christmas holidays yet?


(oh, actually I don’t even know if it’s a school thing or nursery thing!)