Good morning DiS

I have woken up an hour early and it has become clear that I am not getting back to sleep, so here is a morning thread for your enjoyment.

Today I am going to a different library to normal, which is obviously very exciting.

Also still trying to decide if the gig I go to in June should be Acetone or Low, tickets for the latter go on sale this morning so I should really make my mind up.

Anyway, enough about me, tell me about your Mondays.

Alright FL!

I have quite a brutal day of work ahead, which isn’t going to be much fun. Most likely will be posting on here all day instead because that is much easier.

Out of those two bands I would see Low.

Been up since 4:40 for my 6:45 flight to Amsterdam. 3 days of workshops coming up. Woo.


Probably could have had a lie in today since I’m going to have to work from home so of course I’m awake before the alarm goes off.

Hope your day turns out to be not as brutal as you are anticipating, ssf.

Low are obviously awesome, but the thing with Acetone is it might be a one off whereas I have seen Low three times already. But Low are obviously the surer bet for being really good, Acetone could be wonderful or totally fall flat. Acetone also though has the advantage of being marginally cheaper and in a Saturday so my train fare would be less too, and they are seemingly first on of a split bill and I don’t know if I am bothered by the other act so I would potentially be able to go home early if I am knackered. I really over think things to ridiculous degrees.

Try get your work done early and substitute the missed lie in for an afternoon nap?

hi flashy and etc

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Oh, I am also going to stop into M&S because it is closing this week (my local branch, not the whole company obvs), is there any particularly delicious food I should get while I still can? Other than one of those white chocolate and lemon tarts from the bakery, I think I will miss the occasional treat of those the most :cry:

Hi cowcow :wave:

It’ll be dull meetings most of the day, and I was only awake twenty minutes before the alarm went off. I should be spending my time looking up places to get a new tyre.

Full blown flu. Hallucinations and everything. Jesus fuck, it’s been a rough night.

Day off now, though.

GWS Epimer :crossed_fingers:


this isn’t just a lemon tart

That would’ve been a surprise!

Morning. Looking like a Bill Withers here. Listening to Smog which is lovely as ever. Got a bit of the booze related money dread even though I was relatively ok on Saturday. Christ knows what today has in store.

Urgh, really don’t wanna get up. Feel a bit run down. Would love to take the day off sick but the guilt :disappointed_relieved:

changed my mind

How many Michelin starred places are you going to though?

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morning FL, all :wave:

I was so pleased to wake up this morning I punched the mattress a few times in frustration, which is always a good sign. trains to work are screwed - currently on a train going in the wrong direction because that’ll actually be quicker - and work is likely to be very shit (well, this morning anyway) so that’s great.

on the plus side, longer train journey means I can spend some time looking for a new job :+1:

Morning FL, all. Got an interview at 2 for a job I’m definitely qualified for, and was contacted about an hour after applying but I don’t 100% want cause it’s still in hospitality and involves shift work and standing up all day/night. But we need to, y’know, eat and that so needs must I guess. After that I’ll mostly be watching Hells Kitchen and eating snacks.

Having a lazy morning. Studying at home today mostly whilst my housemate is at work so waiting for him to head out. So probably won’t start until 10ish. Probably go out for coffee at some point.

Dunno really know what to do until then though.

@anon89873996 Sounds like you’d rather see Acetone, so I’d go with that.