Morning FL et al! Had my first sneezing fit of the season, which means spring is well and truly here.

After a couple of fairly intense weeks at work I think this one should be a bit more straightforward, which is pleasing.

I’d rather see both but getting two babysitting nights a week probably won’t happen. I think I should probably go for Acetone though I am trying to talk myself into it it seems.

@anon19035908 good luck with the interview :crossed_fingers:

@McGarnagle I haven’t started sneezing yet, but I have itchy eyes which is usually my first stage of hayfever. I guess the only advantage of the extended rainy period has been a slight delay in sneezing season.


Crashed my car lol whoops.

(Something snapped in the suspension and went clean through the front nearside tyre, sending me clean into the kerb and a bush. No one hurt/involved)

Fuck sake.

I got itchy eyes on Saturday, and usually its a couple of weeks between that and the sneezing, but I guess the plants have gone mental due to winters 3, 4 and 5, so I’ve speedily progressed on to stage 2.

If Thursday is as hot as they say it will be I might even hit stage 3: itchy throat and skin with hot flushes. Woo!


:grimacing: but glad you’re ok at least!


Just had a huge nosebleed. Yay

Probably just the one this time!

Ah that sounds horrible. Hope you’re not feeling too shaken up.


@McGarnagle @Twinkletoes All good, just a bloody faff. Waiting for RAC now. Luckily it was only about 500m from my front door and I was only doing about 25mph. 5 minutes later and I’d have been going up the M3, eeek.


As shit as that is, it sounds like a bit of a lucky escape tbf.

Mornin. It’s the tv’s bday today so gonna pickup some food on the way home later. Feel like the present I got is a bit crap so need to find something else at lunch. Work is gonna be :sleeping:

Weather does look lovely this week. Not sure if nice weather makes being trapped in meeting rooms better or worse tbh…

going to Corby!


If you’re looking for something to do Wednesday night :wink: :wink: :wink:

Only joking though, it’s just an open mic, wouldn’t recommend.

Have fun in Hamsterjam!


I have bought deodorant and a shirt in this sort of situation before, which is bloody irritating but I hate being a stinker :frowning: Good luck.


Ah mate unfortunately I’m flying home weds evening otherwise I’d have been well up for this.

After a couple of weeks travelling with work it’s nice to have a regular week back in the office. Tired though because stayed up until nearly 1am last night waiting for school offer notification - fortunately son is going to his first choice which is a big relief. Now to crack on with some work…


That’s more than I’ve been to in my entire life.



Well we are looking to hire more folks… Reckon you could blag enough data science skills to get hired and eek one trip and nice dinner out of it?