Alright? Had a busy ol’ day and very tired now. Waiting for jacket potatoes to cook for some Brian Harvey Specials. Gonna watch some shit TV and wait for bedtime. Hows about you?


fell asleep listening to Lambchop which was nice

Bit down. Might have an early night.


Gonna nip to the Happy Shopper for treats then have another go at cooking Cacio e Pepe then it’s D&D

Not bad, not bad at all

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That sounds like a nice evening, Grandmaster Funk. What’re you having with them?

I accidentally bought a brownie earlier and I was a bit irked at myself for falling for the trickery but it might be the best brownie I’ve ever eaten. Forgot about it until I was having a very serious phone call with my friend and had a little nibble and out loud moaned “blow me, that’s good” and she was like “errr… no it’s not?” and I had to apologise profusely and explain I was eating a 10/10 phenomenal kinder brownie.

Leftover bits for tea, fine with that tbh. Oh also to cheer myself up from my own stress (ANOTHER Nanna drama :smiley: it’ll be fine though), I ordered a football shirt of all things. I am such a ruddy bloody LAD.


Love making this. It’s all “ooooh look at me with my shit together making an Italian meal”, but it’s just cheesy pasta with a fancy hat on


Went on a team building meal to Prezzo for dinner. Misery pizza and small pints of peroni. Gonna stay out and have a beer out. Off tomorrow. Probably gonna have a walk out tomorrow


No rap battles for me tonight, please. I am unwell.


Brian Harvey Special is your standard two jacket potatoes with tuna mayo and cheese, no sides but got a Snickers ice cream for later.

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undoubtedly the best crisps in the realm

Tube down so on boat. Much nicer tbf


Is that the London equivalent of a rail replacement bus?! A boat?! That sounds magnificent

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Think that’s why it’s called the underground tbf.

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pretty tired. gonna make some fish tacos and then watch some tv.

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It has a bar selling booze and food on the back too :sunglasses:

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Cheers guys


Been on a course all day and my eyes have gone square

Trying to decide if I need (“need”) a 43" telly or a 55" one and I’m so fed up of making decisions about things and colours and furniture. Wish I was a pygmy goat.