Mondayne Thread



Good morning

The rest of the CCB family is on Easter holiday. Me on the other hand: I’m on my way to work. I have mild dread as I’m slightly worried that I’ve mislaid an important set of keys. Will keep you updated.

I hope your day isn’t too Mondayne!


Just checked my pocket for keys.

Can’t decide whether to go home/to see my family over Easter. Can’t really afford it but got nothing on up here.

Sun has tricked me into thinking it’s warm. On the train to Edinburgh for work, got an Earl Grey on the go.

P.s. Good morning Ccb


I’ve been awake since 6.30, which is actually half an hour earlier than I get up to go work.

Got lots of life admin to process today and then I’m playing football at five.



No work for me today. No great plans either, but hopefully my new speaker cab gets delivered so I can fiddle with my amp (not a euphemism) all day.


WFH. So tired. Not been to bed before midnight since Tuesday.
US team set up a new VPN and I don’t have access to it. So I can’t do my main planned task for the day. Thanks guys.


Mornin all

Woke up to a text from my bank saying im officially flat broke. Not the best start to the week. Gonna spend the week eating Huel and hassling people to pay my invoices. Hmpf.


Morning ccb and etc. It’s raining.

I. Am. Tired. Starving. Tetchy.


When I wake up in the morning, love
And the sunlight hurts my eyes
And something without warning, love
Bears heavy on my mind
Then I look at you
And the world’s alright with me
Just one look at you
And I know it’s gonna be
A lovely daaa- oh


Good morning CCB :wave: :blush: :wave: Don’t worry, the keys will turn up!

I feel ruined after my walk yesterday. On the drive back I kept on nodding off and then after dinner I repeatedly fell asleep on the sofa before finally passing out in bed. I’m really happy I did it though, i worried I would be too slow or the walk would be too dull in comparison to what my friends are used to but I was -

at one point and they all seemed pretty happy. Phew. I’ve been invited back! Yipee!

So, it’s the bf and my anniversary coming up soon and I really want to actually do something really nice for him on top of the usual “let’s go for a fancypants meal”. Like I was thinking 10 years, 10 nice things/memories… OR… I don’t know. I’m really worried it’ll turn out terrible and that would be bad. Must. not. stress. myself. out. about. it.

Anyway, good luck with all your Mondays :hugging:


Mondayne Tuesdayne Happy Dane Bowers Day


Oh, the keys turned up, by the way! I must have put them in the right place but not remembered having done so.


Found them in the bowl after your Sundayne Cambridge Swingers Party (SCSP)? :heartpulse:


I did this with the memories for our recent 10 year 'versary. Or at least I started doing it, did 5 memories, then got back from San Francisco and stopped because I didn’t have so much time to kill in the evenings anymore. But it was nice and romantic for a few days.


To be fair, that still looks very beautiful… I feel like I should be wading through it, dressed in my finest Georgian gown, soaked through and sobbing whilst scream-reciting shakespeare at the love rat John Willoughby. Sigh.

@aphextwinkletoes AW. 5 memories is still really lovely. I would be utterly UTTERLY chuffed… I bet she was! I like to think I’m not that fussed about romance or I find it all a bit cheesy but errr, yeah, the above paragraph might be evidence of the fact I love it. Haha!! How did you do it?


This title keeps reminding me of Mudvayne. I watched a bit of a show on Scuzz called Top 20 Nu-Metal Titans. It included an Orgy cover of Blue Monday, 36 Crazyfists (not nu metal), Adema, and a Drowning Pool song which wasn’t even bodies. Turned it off when Dig came on


Went to an audition earlier, read the monologue from Paris, Texas (up until I forgot a bit, then I just stopped and pretended it was intentional).

Outside the place was this, which I did not expect. P.S. That is my bike wheel in the bottom right corner of the photo.

[Photo of old, unused aeroplane with flat tyre. Image size > 3MB]


The thought crossed my mind too. Our minds are broken.


Im in a well good mood, apart from waking up with a sore throat so i made some warm salt water to gargle but i tried to surreptitiously gargle on the bus and it sprayed out if me like a fountain and all down my coat :slight_smile:
Then i got an orange from sainsburys for 28p and walked out the greggs sign lit up like this


How about a chronological photo album, maybe split into one/two pages per year? Might sounds a bit twee but (a) there aren’t enough printed photos these days and (b) you have mad graphic design skills and could make it look ace.


Haha, wanna hear something reaaaally bad…

We don’t really have any photos! I’m not a fan of having my photo taken.