Monday's Doneday Thread

No evening thread yet?

What are you all up to? I’ve had my dinner and am watching some bake off before heading out for a walk.

If you’re still cooking your dinner, please take a photo of the end result so we judge, sorry, be inspired.

i’ve had two naps today, it’s been an absolute joy


That’s good going. Do you think you’ll still sleep ok tonight?

In the pub trying to nail a bill Clinton impression with my atd. Going okay.

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I can sleep at any given moment for any length of time. It’s one of my gifts


No idea what to do now I’ve finished all the questions that have come in so far

Gonna make some soup in a bit though

Not long back from the park and now chillin is Jackson and making some food.
All good

Feeling low about DiS today. Always seems like the outward focus is on terrible stuff some dullard’s posted.
Do you guys think there’d be legs in doing a DiS christmas album (maybe online?) and donating all proceeds to charity?
Could even do a charity gig too if there was enough interest…


Have you tried mystery shopping? I can send you some links if you want. There’s also a place in south London that will pay you for your blood if you get really desperate.

Keep trying DB
How did today go?

Let’s get @sean to Christmas Number One!

Show us what you make please, I need inspiration.

Working late for bad money surrounded by a bunch of marketing bozos who are keeping us here by arguing about the correct application of marketing jargon and whether it’s just boring or if it veers into terminally boring.

:meat_on_bone: :spades: :skull_and_crossbones:

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Choked on my dinner. Can still feel the rice wedged in my throat. Eugh. Might have to make myself throw it up.

Started writing rude conundrums for my Countdown tournament next year.

Rejigging last month’s poster to look a bit different. The original had no red circle, and the text was green.


Still, did you at least get something nice for dinner?

Really good day today, I had a productive day at work and just went for a run. It was a stupidly short run but my first for 4 weeks so I was just glad to get out there.

Cooking my lunch for tomorrow then an early night I think. I’m trying to do early nights this week and gauge my mood after.

Going to watch Autumnwatch and then practice my presentation.

evening all

just done some #turbo now going to eat some #chicken