Mondaytime: the mondaying


i am up working super early again while loaded with coffee. Tell me of your joys and woes. Your woys and joes.

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I’m not ready for Monday.

Got to go to Tooting shortly to meet my Uber driver from Friday night because I left my passport in his cab. Do not want.


Waiting for the call to see when/if i need to go in for Jury Duty. Until then i have to do stinking work.

yeah that’s quite a bogus start - sort of being haunted by the weekend right from the beginning

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would it begin today if you did?

For sure.

I don’t even know what the protocol is here. Do I give him money? I feel like he’ll want money. State of it.

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Not sure but guess would be tomorrow, so stinking work all day.

it’s a 20 quid vibe innit. would have cost you a fair whack more to replace passport etc


Still in bed - I’ve got this week off too

It’s also my last day of being 46

When i left my phone in a taxi, and the next passenger picked it up and brought it to me the next day, i offered them a bottle of gin.


oh also my band’s EP is officially finished! so i’m doing video stuff this month and putting it out first week of september :slight_smile:

cc: @anon42112221 - it’s finally bleedin doooone


Didn’t get to sleep til way after 2 and then ended up playing musical beds. I have a Teams meeting in 20 minutes and am still in bed. It’s a day I wish I drank coffee

1st day back at work after a month off

I am in the office & I have forgotten how to do everything

1st time riding the bike to work. Took exactly 3mins to get here

Before I left for work though [CW: Animal violence] the cat caught & killed a red squirrel and tried to bring it into the flat while I was eating breakfast so that was just a great start to the week

oh god that’s a hell of an opening movement from the cat. gah. mine brought in my favourite robin from a couple years ago (which used to spend its time watching me garden :’( ) and it was the fucking worst

Morning all!

We’re going on holiday this week.

I’m currently watching Halloween cartoons with The Child while Wor Lass does her packing. We’re not allowed to check in until 5.00 so we’re going to go to the beach.


Up, did yoga, watching cycling with breakfast

Got to take kids for haircuts and then go see my Mum and Dad

Then hoover and tidy up the house

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but which halloween cartoons?

They’re just a load of animated songs about Halloween. I think the first round might have been from Cocomelon but not sure.

They all pretty much look the same.

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It’s a no mouse Monday :slight_smile:


Woke up late, got so much work overdue because all the urgent emails I was chasing on the train on Friday went to my junk and i didn’t realise so it’s panic stations now.

Have a tiredness hangover from the weekend still. Hoping for a late afternoon nap but I’m being optimistic here.