No daily thread? Hot cross bun (apple and cinnamon, thanks for asking) for breakfast so it’s all downhill from here. Ok now you go.


can’t believe I’m up this early, it’s quite exciting!


Morning T-Fish, all. Still haven’t really slept properly for 2 or 3 nights and feeling fairly bleak mh wise. However, its sunny and cold, the best kind of weather, so I can walk to work for the first time in ages so that might help, and I’ve got a pretty busy day lined up. Hope you all have smashing Mondays.


Have just emailed in sick due to flu and found out that 2 others in my team are off with it as well so I’m placing the blame with my colleague who had it and came back before all his symptoms had gone.


Morning. Hope everybody is coping with Monday morning.

Today has been productive so far. Got Green Man tickets and bollocked my team for their performance. Sure it can all change from here mind.


do we have to do this again?



Spent a couple of hours getting some work done last night so I don’t feel quite as bleak as I did. Would like to get today done and dusted thankyouverymuch.


Morning team.

Took my eldest out on a cycle yesterday at rouken Glen and it ws ace. Real brining back memories - that’s my old haunt.

Got work to travel for this week and stuff. Meh.


Morning all,

In a rare spot of work related socialising, I asked the guy who sits over the other side of the desks if he had a nice weekend, when he got in. I’m really not sure what came over me, but couldn’t make out his answer, so no damage was done.

Got to go to West Malling again tomorrow. Might book another seat an not sit in it again. For now Though I’ve got an exciting morning of moving pixels from one spreadsheet to another.

isn’t it getting lighter?


Had leftover veg haggis and gravy on a toasted muffin, solid breakfast.

In Edinburgh then need to go the office after as done no work for a call tomorow that Ive had a month to do.


morning all :wave:

have a hospital appointment this morning which means I could get up later and don’t have to get to work til later, which takes the edge off the usual Monday crapness. would be better without the hospital part obvs, but still.

also think I have a cold. bit bunged up and my throat feels weird. 0-1 breakfast_t_england.


Finally responded to my former housemates response to my letter before action, where he said the problem was I’m autistic rather than him owing me a grand for 3 years longer than I leant, letting bills get to the stage of debt collectors/credit agency reporting, and trying to push the ‘race realism’ of Charles Murray on me.

Pretty proud of my response, might get it printed and bound, put more effort into it than any uni essay, constructed a timeline using his own quotes from messenger to demonstrate his repeat attempts to gaslight me. Got an on brand mention of the smashing pumpkins in there.

Offered him a dignified climb down by saying I’m open to the idea that emotions and the passage of time may have led him to misremember, rather than deliberately construct a false defamatory narrative to gain the moral high ground.

Dunno if I have jeopardised getting my money back in court by engaging with him like this, but am glad I did. Going back through everything just showed I was even more right than I thought.

Bit worried about how he will respond, not sure what he is capable of


Just woke up from 13 and a half hours’ sleep and thought my middle name was Leroy

Post of the week nomination thread 11/02 - 17/02
POTW vote for last week (11/02-17/02)

Also have a sore throat. Obviously it had to wait until a week where I go on holiday on Thurs :sleepy:


morning all. been reading about that time traveller thing.


Because his warnings changed the timeline


i think he was real and his time travel damaged our reality.


At the end of the day, if you feel good about engaging that’s going to be worth more than whatever money you get back at the end of all this. Stick it, and to state the obvious don’t let him get to you (sounds like you’re doing a cracking job at this bit anyway)


I reckon it is my fault, I’m the timeline of the worst outcome at every fork, taken this universe with me


i feel the same about myself. i wish we could restart to an earlier save irl.