I’d just be honest, if they ask at all. Say that you’d left your previous job because it wasn’t right for you, and that you were looking for work and that it took a while to find something appropriate because there wasn’t much about, at least not anything that you were being put forward for by agents. Pff! Recruitment agents - aren’t they terrible!

What a company doesn’t want to hear was that you left your last job under a cloud and it took you ages to find something because you couldn’t be bothered looking for a job.


I can’t do any work because my employers have cancelled my Creative Cloud membership. Apparently they didn’t think anyone was using it. This is worrying. Will probably take a day or two to sort, and I’m off after tomorrow to move house.

Just had a call from a recruiter where she asked me a bunch of questions, spoke to me really excitedly about the job, then asked my current salary. Because the job in question has a lower salary, she ended the call and seemed really pissed off. Not sure what I’ve done wrong there.

Anyway, hope you’re all ok. I feel like I haven’t seen @Witches on here for ages, but I think it’s just that she changed her avatar.


She posts once every four or five days. Not nearly enough! obviously I’m just being selfish and there are a zillion good reasons not to post on here


Drinking an Irish Cream stout. This is ok


She used to be all over this place, I do hope all is well @Witches. One of the good guys.


I think she’s busy with stuff through the day.

If you say her name three times into a mirror, she’ll pop up in the Evening sometimes.


have experienced this. like wtf if you don’t say what the salary is in the advert how am i meant to know anyway? didn’t mind going for less money if it was a better job, but that didn’t seem to register either


Drinking a French toast brown ale. This is ok


Nope, up in north yorkshire at earls crag




Irked. Bf’s parents ring him on his landline every monday. If he’s not there they leave a voicemail. Today they rang at 5.37, when he usually finishes work at 5.30 or 7, so they had little chance of reaching him. Now the answering machine is beeping and i’m too flu-y to go and shut it up easily.


Looks glorious .

Reminded me of Ramshaw Rocks at The Roaches .


I’d be unplugging the landline next time I go near it.


My laptop has literally only just started working properly so I can finally do some work now/go on DiS.