Just drinking some water so nice, dunno why i spent all weekend drinking booze and coffee


Went out for a run this morning, first time since I moved and only the second time this year. Turns out I the key to motivating myself to get out at 6:30am is not living somewhere super noisy at night and so poorly insulated I would wake up freezing. Imagine?!?

Regular work day. Getting a TV and a lamp delivered tonight.




Morning all,

Went to a gig last night where some of the acts could well have been an elaborate practical joke. One of the bands had a woman reciting poetry through a conch shell while a barefoot man with a massive beard pushed a cannonball around the floor. They can’t have been serious, surely?

Anyway, slept alright and had a not bad drive into work, so a pretty good start to the week so far.



nothing to report.

just basically counting the time down until 5.30pm when it’s hometime :grimacing:


Got to do a handover for a piece of work I did last year but refused to do this year (on account of it being highly specialised actuarial work that I’m not trained in), think it is unfair they have passed it on to someone else (4th person in four years, quite telling), wondering if I should tell the new person that I think this task is unreasonabley difficult and risk irking some managers, or just let them muddle through like I had to


love stuff like that, i saw someone playing an electrical crystal headpiece a few weeks ago for a radio 3 thing


can’t believe yous ever doubted me


thought it’d be quiet at half six… nope. why are people in the gym at half six? weirdos


they’re presumably only there to prove 75% of people on the internet wrong.


Morning all.

Back in the office after a nice long weekend and I already envy the dead.

c to the b to the a.

Hope you’re all well.


I went to kew gardens to see the orchids yestersay, thinking nobody is enough of a weirdo to turn up first thing on a sunday morning but no, the place was packed :unamused: everyone probably thinks that and then turns up. Same with the end toilet stalls, people think its the least used but is alwaus the filthiest because of this


think he might be responsible for changing the spelling of Febuary?


I think as soon as you stop trying to understand it and just appreciate it for being not what you’re used to it’s quite enjoyable.


Morning all!

I’m not working today so I have an exciting double-whammy of visits to Costco and Tesco, followed by (hopefully) a haircut.


I mean, at one point I did have a hard time keeping straight face (which I a bit guilty about) but during another performance I saw someone in the front row with their fingers in their ears).



Thank god I decided to WFH as most of my team have emailed to say they are also WFH, I would have felt a right mug if I’d gone in

Got some work to do, might stroll into town later to buy coffee. I should probably try and find something to do tonight (cinema or yoga maybe) cos I had a very shut in by myself weekend, but I’ll probably end up staying home

I got some a new diffuser thing for the bedroom, and more oil for the one in the living room on saturday, so my flat smells really nice now


That was a great weekend. Spent Saturday listening to records for about eight hours, went to a gig and drank with some ATDs. GF and I went to a craft fair yesterday and I picked up an old Malks 7" and a zine about Chris Sievey. Practiced with my new band for a few hours then.

Or course my brain fucked with me last night by having a dream about my GF and I splitting up but I am not letting that get to me today. Might walk through the college later on to watch the Rag Week carnage.


I had to stifle my laughter last night too. It didn’t help that I knew that one of the other acts were an elaborate practical joke - I’ve seen them before and my other half knows one of the ensemble, who has been involved in all sorts of comedy things over the last twenty years. Their act starts off with them dressed in pig masks and capes with an incense stick burning, with chanting about and handing out radishes (!) to the audience like a weird vegetable-based satanic ritual. And then one of them gets some chalk and starts drawing on the floor and you think it might be some sort of pentagram, but actually ends up as a massive cock and balls.


checks watch


Morning team DiS

Bit asthma-ey this morning… tight airway, difficult to breathe. So of course I decided to walk from Kings Cross to Soho like the smart person I am. Good to get a couple of miles walking in though since I probably won’t have time to exercise today. Got tickets to see Waitress on the West End this evening. I have no idea what it is, but apparently it did okay on Broadway.