Bad sleep, think R was having nightmares :frowning:

Think I might need a nap before preschool pick up, quite scared about being able to cope with the rest of the day after having a bit of a collapse yesterday. Don’t really feel up to anything and just want to hide away. Really feeling like a failure of a human.


Not enough coffee


Morning nerds! I’m climbing here.


Looks like you’re up high enough already. Can go home now, good work.


New job hasn’t given me anyhting to do yet as I have almost no access to any systems. Soooo … DiS day and many bathroom breaks it is!

My office is too quiet, it’s disturbing. Also features the world’s loudest clock :grimacing:


Felt productive for an hour. Now all I can think about is what to have for lunch.


Drove in to return the car, had the pleasant sight whilst sat in traffic of the guy behind me spending time on his phone, picking his nose, picking his ear-wax and eating a yoghurt.

So much cba today, for a change, got a long to-do list so just going to try and knuckle down and make progress.

Need to check the lunch board too!


Some jackass has nicked my mouse from my desk as well. :mouse2:


39/39 on Popmaster round 1 lads.


That cliff has an extremely strong jawline and witch nose on it’s face.


Longstanding chronic stomach condition - which I’ve been in remission from for a couple of years - has reared its ugly head over the weekend. I feel utterly wiped out pals.

MF Doom is helping (not in person, for the avoidance of doubt).


Got a good image of him with a tray of biscuits and a pot of tea, sitting next to you on the sofa, watching bargain hunt


He’s more of a Find It, Fix It, Flog it kind of man.


I didn’t have to make anyone at risk of redundancy today :smiley: :partying_face: :fireworks: Hooray for HR who have found some reason for it not to go ahead.

I’ve got two more meetings today, then one meeting tomorrow, then a WFH day Wednesday, then it’s Florida (:us: :eggplant: @Jeremys_Iron ) Thursday :smiley: :sunny: :airplane: :beach_umbrella:


fuck is up?

i’m barely at work despite being at work. fucking TIRED.


Feel like Charlie Drake when he got seriously injuried running through that bookcase, except I keep getting bookcases thrown at me


Did you try and visit Xylo at work?


Whoop finally got prospect of something to do on the horizon with a training visit to Cardiff later in the week.


and if he comes back he’ll get MORE OF THE SAME.


Just found out that Not Earth are being played on Irish radio tonight! WTF? Free jazz/improv noise on the radio???