can you bring me back some colossal sauce please


That pic looks like it could be the cover of a death metal album!


Going to see Tears For Fears later!


Will need to get the intel on where the spot is for secret sauce dealings first.


The Best Ever Death Metal Band out of Giffnock


Think you used to look this stuff up on Craigslist but they removed those sections.


Go into the pub across from the castle and tell the barman, “when the moon lies low the crow flies west.” He’ll hand you an envelope containing instructions.


We had hot water today :partying_face: had my first hot shower in three weeks and it was bliss


Shed built!


Now you have somewhere to sleep!


What’s it like living next door to @Im_On_Safari ?





That’s a good looking shed! Nice colour!


i wish :’(




cancels plans for london



We are drawing up plans for London.


Is this a toilet? It looks toilet shaped.


Are you in Cornwall?




Flattening it and starting again?