Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fucks sake.


YES do the plans involve coming to my house and me cooking your family dinner?


please do not shit in my shed.


He said nothing about peeing though laelfs. Knock yourself out.


So so glad that sentence ended with “dinner” and not family.

And sure!


wait wrong thread


good. i will make miniature versions of the food for your smaller family members to eat.


oh shit I think I know this person (cevanne?)


I only visit xylo at home :smirk:


Tell you what, it’s really bloody useful having a sister who’s your GP’s receptionist.


you guys really know how to ruin a shed


just posting this in here cos there’s fucking no chance i’m going into the brexit thread


I once performed at a thing at the Bishopsgate Institute - one of the other artists was a woman who played horrendous atonal guitar and did opera singing/wailing while a backing tape started yelling ‘SHUT UP!’ ‘SHUT UP!’ ‘HAVE A CRACKER!’ ‘SHUT UP!’ ‘HAVE A CRACKER!’

I was sat in the front row with a friend and as soon as we caught each others’ eyes we both totally lost it. I was in tears I was laughing so hard - right in front of her. It was so awful but I just couldn’t stop. HAVE A CRACKER!


This sounds like a very advantageous situation.


That’s a lovely shed. Nice shade of blue. Also like your green fence door


THANK you <3 you’re the best and may use my shed as you like forever.


That The Roaches?


yeah I’m not going to read that


No complicated phone booking or waiting for repeat prescriptions or anything just send her a text and she does the rest. I realise this is massively privileged but sometimes you need to celebrate the little perks.

Thread for places where if the next reply was the reply to the last one then it's amusing (rolling)

What?! Is she allowed to poo in there?!

Thread for places where if the next reply was the reply to the last one then it's amusing (rolling)