FU xylo


I think he’d rather you pooed in the hot tub.


You know what though - if you put yourself out there, you have to accept the audience reaction whether you like it or not.


If I had some way to circumvent listening to my doctors’ hold music or putting in a million things on the automated robot repeat prescription thing I would be seriously celebrating it :+1:


Think I might have forgotten to put deodorant on this morning.


this is how the transition to full penoid starts


Genuinely got a tournament tonight :sweat_smile:


We’ve got online appointment booking and local chemists that will just automatically re-order your prescriptions for you and text you when they’re ready. It’s awesome.

Except that one time they forgot to order anything and I ran out of meds so had to go in and beg for an emergency supply.


Just went to view a rental flat across the road from me. :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing: Think i might have to revise how much I have to spend on this. Glasgow dissers what should someone with a reasonable income be spending on a not horrible 1 or 2 bedroom flat in the west end?


£3400 pcm




Have I got a 2 bed flat for you…


I try.


I could get online services, but I have to talk to a receptionist to get it set up, so obviously I haven’t done that.


^thinly-veiled “my income is reasonable” post


This is very nice but more than I wanted and I won’t get parked there


Ha ha wasn’t sure how to put ‘im not a poor student but I’m also not a rich epimer’




(yes you’re right)

I can’t help thinking that laughter was what she was aiming for. It was so ridiculous that I can’t help but think it was all part of the plan.