Blue?? I thought it was grey.
@xylo , please confirm.


life poos on you fast.


Isn’t even that nice though, is it.


Compared to the shithole I just saw…


Oooh I thought it was this


That’s grey to me. Love a duck egg colour, regardless if it’s grey or blue.


Always think of duck egg as blue and grey’s baby


for a 1 bedroom probably anywhere from about £575 - £750, it seems to depend a lot on whereabouts you’re willing to classify as “the west end”, if you’re willing to look in places like thornwood you’ll get a bit more for your money


I guessed this might be the case. Tbh, I just saw four columns on the facade and thought I’d want to live there just to say I live in a place with pillars on the facade.


Went to soft play Monkey MaDnESs - bad
Nando’s - Ok
Then B&Q - Ok
Home alone - Wow!
Neighbour has now built a portaloo in the garden! Can’t believe it!


Yeah this flat was at the lower end of that scale. I knew I was going cheap but…

The problem is spending £800 on a one bed means £1000/month once you factor in bills which just seems silly to me. I’ve been doing some sums and it might work out a lot cheaper to buy then sell again in 18 months time which also seems silly. Might just go live in my parents caravan by the sea.


Got the theme tune from Beadles About stuck in my head today. Might watch an episode on Youtube when I get home tonight


Colleague just went to the toilet and CLEARLY did a shit, while on a call with several big cheeses, without going on mute.



southside not an option? there’s a few places on rightmove just now in thornwood/partick for about £625/£650 but can see why dropping that mount in rent alone isn’t appealing


This shed/shit chat has me struggling in the office pals


Sent him a message going “mate you’re not on mute” but he couldn’t see it because, as discussed, he was taking a shit.


South side is an option but I’m quite enjoying living in the west end


no idea tbh been ages since i was renting

if you’re just looking at places with on site parking, you’re going to be pretty limited though. think i’ve mentioned this before but don’t be put off by somewhere you would have to get a parking permit for. you can get them short term and they’re not that expensive from what i remember.


^ this is roughly what I’m paying in Partick for a quite small one bed


didn’t know you lived next door to xylo