Also got to order some custom signs for work and wow, some of the websites of the design companies are actually horrendous. One actually has this as the title of their homepage, shitty attempts at formatting included:

< title > Sign Maker Edinburgh < /title >

Yeah, never trusting them to design a thing for me ever.


you best get in your castle fast japes. there are wolves everywhere


Not looking for on-site parking, on-road is fine but most areas in the west end (even the permitted ones) don’t seem to have any spaces available in the evenings. I can’t be bothered driving 3-6 hours back from a site visit and then not being able to get parked.


some areas are definitely worse than others for this, the streets directly around byres road and the kelvinbridge end of great western road are brutal but if you go a wee bit further out it’s definitely easier


The house next to us is going up for rent soon.

I wouldn’t recommend the landlord based on next-door’s reviews and my dealings with him but it’ll be available.


Thanks but I’d like to be a little bit closer to Byres Road


don’t worry, we know what you meant


have you tried cottonrake since you’ve been back laefs?


I’ve seen some weird shit in my time but the best one I ever saw was a bloke who set up a small gong on the floor of the stage, stuck a contact mic on it and then ran it through a pedalboard to the PA.

So far, so normal until he got down on all fours and started headbutting the gong. Kept it up for a full thirty minutes while occasionally turning a knob on a delay pedal. I was so stunned that I couldn’t even laugh. Incredible scenes.


i’ve never been in there despite walking past it several times a day for a good number of years


I’ve only been there once but I like it.


No but I think I should!


their dark chocolate tarts are


I’ve added you to the flatsearching thread.


Oh no. He’s emailed saying thanks. “Did you hear anything bad?”


why do you think i sent the message you nugget


Second time this month this has happened, although last time it was just a very loud piss into the bowl. Both American.

So from now on it’s probably safe to assume that if you’re on a call with an American, they’re on the toilet


I spoke with three different Americans this morning. Are you saying that they were all on the toilet?


I miss the days when theo was mod.


Statistically, yes.