bit like idris elba in Thor.


that’s the one, do you know her in real life?


Are you working with Naked Gun-era Lesley Nielsen?


Similar levels of general competence.


Went to the Snoopy exhibition yesterday, saw my sis and mother on Saturday, off to a reading group tonight.


Haha yes I went to uni with her, and we were in the same big band. Haven’t spoken to her in years mind you - her music has gone off the chain since then I think!




He’ll be your boss within 6 months

incredible power move


certainly not the first time the two have been compared


Have an interview tomorrow that I’m super excited about, but have a gray spot on my CV (quit/being quitted from a job I hated really recently).

Worried that it basically makes travelling for the interview pointless if they’ll just dismiss me out of hand. Not even sure if I can talk my way round it, or if that’s even worth doing.

:slightly_smiling_face: :fearful: :worried: [other relevant emojis]


How long a ‘gray spot’?


just lie and say you went travelling.

then when you get the job create a series of photoshopped images to show everyone of you and a fictional person on holiday


As in, between applying for the role (so it’s mentioned on my CV) and being offered an interview.

Like, I’m happier now I’ve left, and can cover it up in the future, but for this one I’ve got to explain it, and I’m really not looking forward to it.

can’t do that.

[not sure why I keep putting emojis on posts]


But how long a gap is it?



Oh right, sorry. About six months, all in.


That sounds a bit awkward, but could you just explain why it wasn’t the right fit for you?


I’ve had a similar gap and have just proactively explained it by saying I went travelling. It was never challenged so could you not do the same?


Waiting in Dr’s surgery. Someone has basically brought their 9 year old or something in with the flu…can’t be that sick because they haven’t shut up, but seriously?!
Yes, I am a professional Dr and can diagnose flu on sight


With this one, it was on my CV when I applied, so I can’t ignore it.