Mondayvening Thread


Just had an offer to live somewhere I canna refuse…but its in Shepherds Bush





You don’t have any evening threads for forty minutes after they’re due then two turn up at once!


@moderators move my post in here please

Knowing nothing about it, why is Shepherds Bush not good?

Cold is entering thickly cough territory where I cant talk without coughing. Need to be able to talk for Thursday evening’s tour :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing: Panicking a bit.

Made some of that lovely thai dip that’s basically sugar water and got spring rolls and har gau to dip in.

Inspired by the pasta thread I had pasta with tomato and haloumi.

Going to have some wine, watch some telly and that.

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Off to see a band tonight. Not properly listened to them before but it was three quid for a ticket, so I’ll just leave if it’s terrible. It’ll get me out the house for a bit anyway.

Just finished up yesterday’s shepherds pie for dinner. There’s leftover apple crumble too, but not enough for three, so that’s waiting until after Jimbo has gone to bed.


1x chicken saly
1x garlic chilli chicken
1x keema rice
1x chips
1x garlic naan
1x onion bhajis
4x poppadom
1x mint yoghurt


don’t know anyone there, or who lives in west london in general, fuck all going on, bit tory.

wish @tilty had done the pasta thread a bit earlier because now I want pasta but don’t have the necessaries

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My mate Al Barnett (of beans on toast surprise fame) used to live there. He still might. You’d get on.

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Is it a bit Tory? I associate Shepherd’s Bush with gigs and Australians, neither of which are especially Tory.

expensive gigs, expensive place to live, few good boozers etc.

let’s not even get into the australians.

decent pie though?

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Thought 'er indoors was playing some terrible Metallica album when I came in but turns out it was Breed 77. Awful, awful scenes.

Going to pack for my hearing and chill.

mind you, gonna fulfil my lifelong dream of being a mush from shepherds bush.

I'm watching the bodyguard

not the whitney houston one the robb stark one

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Evening all. My manager commented twice today about the amount I was yawning. Way to impress him. Truth is that I feel like I could sleep for about a month.

On a separate note: I’ve been sorting some stuff out from our loft* and dug out a box of Technic Lego from when I was a kid. I’d like to pass it on to the eldest but I’m slightly worried there might be battery acid / other nasties leaked onto it. So:

  • if there was battery acid, how would I know? (Would it dissolve the Lego?)
  • think it’ll all be okay if I give it a bath in diluted lemon juice or similar?

I quite want to get this thing working again:

I’ve also managed to keep the instruction booklets and have most of the individual components in those little boxes that parents have in their garages for nails and stuff.

*piddling amount of eaves storage

think as long as you write ‘do not eat’ somewhere on the box when you give them it, that should absolve you of any legal culpability

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