Evening all!

The Child is out at her grandparents’ until Wednesday so we’ve had a really easy tea and we’re watching a film at 7pm.

The film is Jurassic World Dominion so things could always be better.


I need to do the washing up

Doing a job application. Why are job applications so boring? It’ll take me all night. It’s cold and I want to go and lie in bed.

Tidying my room, gonna have some sort of hearty salad, maybe a beer?

Trying to set up bowling and cinema for later in the week

Not sure beer counts as salad.


Hey hey!

Some friends are over from Oz who I haven’t seen for four years. Hopefully they’ll still be in the pub in a bit when I can get out

It’s a salad if you have chips with it.


Alright? Very tired after a long day. Today is 10 years since Mrs F and I got back together so we’ve had a nice dinner and some M&S bottled cocktails. Might keep drinking.


Does that mean anything you eat with salad instantly becomes chips

Still at my mum’s house. Been up the attic to take a load of stuff home….
Got a parking ticket cos I didn’t write my numberplate on the parking permit ffs.
Mum annoyed her cat loves me more


Don’t be silly.

Make me!

matt bomer sigh GIF

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Dairy free Ben and Jerry’s

  • Yes

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Evening angels :innocent:

Back on my coughing bullshit after over confidently declaring I was over it.

I had a great lunch earlier with someone I’ve not seen for years and we’ve both ended up interested in the same sort of dork stuff :blush:

Going to be grudgingly play some Mario for a bit.

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Love is blind new episodes until the football

I was pissed, now I’m not. Meat and potato pie for tea. More beer with the parents


Ffs is nothing sacred


:musical_note: Fanta Pineapple and Grapefruit! For that totally tropical taste :musical_note:

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What are the lobsters on South Beach going to say about that :rage: