picture of box please.

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Sat outside Waterloo waiting for my train. Cyclist nearby is fully stripping out of a skinsuit. End times.

Also been asked for money 6 times in about 10 minutes and don’t have any more to give out. Last fella’s eyes lit up when a person offered him a bag of leftover food from a conference. We live in fully disgraceful times.


new bin


Star Trek Disco, beer, noodles and pickles

Evening DiS

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How am I doing in yr playthrough

I passed a family camping out on the street last night, never saw that before :frowning:

Nope, completely my father’s fault, he’s got us early to everything my entire life and is very intolerant of lateness and now I’m the same.

Fucking disgrace.

Yep, works everywhere within zone 2 (busses included). Yes it’s worth it if you don’t work from home / call in sick a lot like me.

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My thoughts on door frames - if there is a glass panel between the top of the door and the frame, ask if it can be opened like a window. So you can have it open, the frontdoor shut and the backdoor open to air or cool down the house.

I know, it really shook me and I spent my entire dinner time thinking of what warm stuff I could donate or steal from the hotel but by the time I returned they’d sealed in their sleeping area with bin bags and I didn’t feel I could disturb them.

show us your new front door

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Also worth considering that you’ll probably be travelling around London in addition to your commute, in which case it definitely works out cheaper.

At least if you get bored you can show them the front door.


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Fairly shite day at work frankly. Just got out so won’t be home until gone 8. Only 6 weeks left there…

Wife’s out with her family tonight to having a Waitrose pizzer to cheer myself up. Will mostly be playing FFVII. Close to the end of Disc 1…

This one…


Tonight I’m boxing up the Kitchen and getting all the clothes, towels and bedding washed ready for having no kitchen for three weeks.

Thanks for making an effort with emojis :+1:

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Well I found that I could easily spend about 50-100 quid over the value of getting a season ticket on social stuff / going to do a big shop etc. Plus that peace of mind knowing you’ve got travel sorted for the month <3 went through a stage of having to walk from Peckham to King’s cross for work a few years ago because either eat or get the bus. Not really that fun.

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Do your employers offer a loan scheme where they effectively loan you the money to pay for an annual ticket up front and then reclaim the money through monthly payroll? Might be worth looking into if possible as the savings are huge.