No one else better make this thread while I am making it.

How were all your days, and what is in store for your evenings?

Had a bit of a slog of a day with no nap, can’t wait to get into bed (but, alas, wait I must).


Yes, no duplicate threads! It is always a big risk evening thread starting after 7pm.


Hiya. Day was very uneventful. My 💇 has been rescheduled for Thursday now as he_2’s trains were right up the shitter, so:

Volta a Catalunya highlights.

Pie, mash, veg.


Lip mask.



Bout to head out to yoga


Hello FL!!

Making sausage, chips and peas for dinner.

Had a fun day at work, my choir gave their first public performance and were ok so that’s good!!

Going to collapse and watch some Walking Dead later I think.


Ate too much food today

I am intrigued by this lip mask, please report back your findings to the thread, if you wouldn’t mind.

Hey FL and assorted

Day was ok. Finished up early enough, went out for a nice walk and now I’m watching the one show. Wooooo.

Got spaghetti Bolognese for tea, with garlic flatbread and a few birras. Trying to decide what to do tomorrow on daddy daycare mode. Reckon strapping my hiking boots on and sticking O in the backpack will be up there


Alright torch-o? Spinning some Tim Hecker waiting for my wife to get home so I can oven up some dinner in the form of Linda Mac (when are you coming back?) cheese and leek plaits, potato slices and purple sprouting broc.

My dread from last night dissipated pretty quickly at work, amazing what a fresh pair of post-weekend eyes can do sometimes so a good day in all.

Finally got back on the bike now that I can breathe out of my nose, done my head the world of good. These past 2 weeks have been mince.


Look at it!!


Are you feeling more positive towards past jezza for leaving the work now? You were pretty harsh on him earlier.

For one reason or another I haven’t been on the bike in two months, cleaned it all up this morning and hoping to get out tomorrow if I can overcome the cba :crossed_fingers:

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Mmmm cherry

Ha he was a bit of a dick tbf but that marries up well with present and future Jezza so I’m ok with that :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh matey deffo get out if you can, weather is perfect for it at the mo :+1: :biking_man:

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Hola FL. Out of work a bit early, listening to some Motown records. :+1: Might crack a beer.

Hope everyone’s evening is a good one!

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evening FL, everyone :wave:

day wasn’t toooooo bad actually, essentially did no real work in the afternoon but got loads of stuff sorted, blagged a doughnut, had a decent pizza for dinner and now going to watch Only Connect. pretty good/10 :+1:

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New album ‘Anoyo’ coming in May!

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Evening FL and etc.

Should I…

  • Fish finger and hash brown sandwich
  • Fish finger, hash brown and baked beans

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Had 2 l.macs, new pots w/chipotle sauce, beetroot and beans.

Might watch england.

Eating curry and watching the case against adnan syed :male_detective: :curry:

Evening all :wave:

It’s all a bit manic here. Eldest had drum lessons for the first time and youngest had piano lessons. Gonna text all the members of my family and form a superband. They both came back very happy and enthusiastic!

Not sure what tonight holds. Probably very little.